Reflections of QS IGAUGE Ratings For Institutional Excellence
July 30, 2020
Live Webinar by International Scholar Dr. Edd Pitt – University of Kent, UK.
November 18, 2020
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management (Montessori System)
  • Undergraduate Montessori Teacher Training Program Parenting Program (Pre natal onwards)
  • Management of Integrated Curriculum for New Age Education
  • Comprehensive Montessori Method
  • Professional Management for Teachers
  • Professional Management for Counselors
  • Professional Management for Heads & Coordinators
  • Management of Events & Excursions
  • Story Telling & Music with Movements
  • Meal planning & Nutrition

Head, Centre of Teacher Training & Education Management ‘The aim of present day education is to preparefor life with command over mind, spirit, emotions and acquisition of progressive shills.” GD Goenka University forges the changing world of education of the present times. It is completely tuned in to the changing educational needs and ready to lead with new educational programs with accreditation from IAO, USA (International Accreditation Organization, USA). We enable universal and globally relevant training exposure. Our teachers would be employable anywhere in the world and ready for what it takes for globally relevant curriculum. The new age child will require a different skill set to succeed and lead than what we know of. The development of technology is making the world extremely dynamic and ever changing. Our training of teachers enables them to stay relevant in the dynamics and even acquire the ability to become the harbingers of the future.
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