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October 17, 2018
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‘Best Paper Presenter’ and ‘Best Paper’ at CLEA Conference
October 22, 2018

School of Architecture and Planning organized a guest Lecture by Architect Aarti Dhingra on Use of Alternative Materials and Sustainable Building Practices for construction to help save the Environment on 17th October 2018.

Graduated from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, she works on projects with local craftsmen in Kumaon region, and connects with the NGOs Alaap and Aarohi for designing rural home-stays, and to learn and implement techniques of native forest and heritage conservation for the region.

She shared her journey of personal transformation as an architect where how use of sustainable building practices made her and her buildings more connected and relevant to nature and the community of that region. Following her passion for building with natural materials, she recently received a scholarship to participate at BaseHabitat, which focuses on advanced modern earth architecture for development, combining vernacular wisdom, modern technology and material sciences. Through her lecture, the students were inspired to work hands-on with natural materials and think of architecture for a more environmentally relevant scenario for today!!!


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