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May 23, 2018
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June 25, 2018

Summer holidays for students are a collective mix of activities, where they can familiarize themselves with something novel, while enjoying their break days ahead.

Taking this initiative forward, the CRC (Corporate Resource Centre) Team, has once again designed a fun-filled yet knowledgeable Summer Internship Program – 2018 for the students of GD Goenka World School.

This five-day program was launched in 2016, for students of Grade 9 and 10. The objective of this program was to generate awareness about new-age careers and subsequently, provide an opportunity to work with professionals on subjects of choice, through various schools of the GD Goenka University. This platform also enhances prospects for our students to gain hands-on training on multi-dimensional projects with every passing year.

With rising appreciation towards the contents of the program, the 2018 batch has seen a remarkable escalation in the number of students registering for this Internship Program. Nearly 70 students of GDGWS from Grade 9 to 12 have enrolled themselves for the sessions, which commenced with a formal Orientation Ceremony on 28th May 2018.

The week long schedule will equip the interns to associate and train themselves alongside various projects such as “How to Create Sustainable Wealth” by GD Goenka School of Management, “Film Making and Still Photography by GD Goenka School Of Communication, “Arduino Based Projects” by GD Goenka School of Engineering “Introduction to Indian Legal System” by GD Goenka School of Law and “3D Interiors- How to create the room that you always wanted” by GD Goenka School of Fashion & Design.

The efforts put in by the CRC Team is dual fold – to engage the young minds productively through new horizons and adopt methodologies, which are constructive yet enabling.

We wish all students all the very best for this Internship assignment.

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