Every beginning has an end and every end has yet another new beginning. To celebrate such new beginnings and to bid the graduating class of 2019 adieu,GD Goenka University hosted Transcendfarewell on April 27, 2019.  The event startedwith awarding graduating students of class 2019 with titles and souvenirs from their school dean.Prof. (Dr.)SukuBhaskaran,President and Prof. (Dr.)Tanuja Kaushik, Dean, Student Welfare & International Relations of GD Goenka Universitygave Best Achiever Award and Mr. & Ms. Goenkan Award to students who excelled in Co-Curricular Activities. Prof. Bhaskaran congratulated the graduating students andblessed them for further professional success.

The following students received the Best Achiever Award for Co-Curricular Activities from each school; Himanshu - SoAP, Vishal Bhardwaj - SoBAS, Himashri Shankar -SoC, DikshaSuri - SoE, Prerna Rajput -SoED, Hardik Sharma -SoFD, Santandeep Singh -SoH, YaminiBalasubramaniyan-SoHSS, Karanpreet Singh Gill -SoL, AugustinoNtawale Junior -SoM and TarannunNaazCowdhury -SoMAS.

There was a special award for Mr. Goenkan and Ms. Goenkanwhich was awarded to ManasDawar -SoL and Niddhi Sharma -SoAP respectively. The enthusiastic juniors gave cultural program for the day, there were band performance and dance performances by the Reverie Dance Club and a musical performance by junior students which was an original composition dedicated to the loving seniors. Students were seen mingling with gleaming eyes and heavy hearts. Towards the end program culminated withDJ and a memorable video compilation of all the beautiful memories that the students learned and experienced through their course and journey at GD Goenka University which surelywas nostalgia and a trip down the memory lane.


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