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New studies and researches carried out in the field of education actively challenge the existing notions that some students and parents have about careers in humanities and social sciences. Often catalogued under terms such as “standard” or “non-technical”, humanities and social sciences have more to them than is talked about.

While such reports do not defy that technical degree holders can earn more than a humanities graduate, they do state that the latter too has prospects for profitable employment. Those studying a Humanities or Social Science subject gain understanding of the vital aspects of the society. These subjects, with their all-encompassing approach, help students develop core skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication, both oral and written, and so on.

For a civilization to run smoothly, the existence of such skill sets is as important as of those that are technical in nature. Some researchers even explain these subjects as one that helps make life and not simply a living.
Here are some the most promising humanities and social sciences courses offered by the bestuniversities in Delhi NCR and in other parts of India: -
English Literature

As goes the saying – “Literature is the mirror of the society”. When you take up English Literature, you get to explore the many facets of life from various creative angles. By studying this subject, you not only gain inspiration and creativity, but also learn analysis and self-expression.
Extensive reading and writing that come as a part of the package help in refining the communication skills of the students. Those graduating with a degree in English Literature have wider career prospects before them, which include – teaching, media and communications, writing and even administrative services.

History is as interesting a subject as it is broad. Everything from the beginning of civilization to the nation’s struggle for independence and beyond, falls in its range. As a part of this subject, students learn of the many events and trends, political, economic and cultural in nature, that helped shape the world.
Post their graduation, students can take up research, go into teaching, write a book of their own, take jobs in public departments related to history, archeology or culture studies, among others.
Political Science

As is suggestive by its name, political science familiarizes students to one of the most powerful forces working in the society, known as government and politics. As a part of this subject, students learn the significance and prospects of peace in a war-torn country, democracy in an authoritarian society, economic equity in a capitalistic setup, and sovereignty across the states of a nation.
Anyone with an interest in politics, administration, public policy and international affairs can take up this course. Some of the top political science colleges in Delhi offer both undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses.

As one might observe, many of the world’s social or cultural issues often have an economic dimension. With this subject, you gain the tools to analyze the state of business and trade in the country, how the nation must employ its limited resources so as to maximize gains to support its population.
Studying economics effectively helps develop analytical and problem-solving skills in individuals. Those studying economics can built a career in economic research, business and also consulting.

Geography, in simple terms, can be explained as the study of the standard physical aspects of the world that hugely impact our everyday lives. In this subject, students gain awareness of how the different forces of nature function, the manner in which the location and climate of a place affect the lifestyle of people living there, and how the changes in landscapes and climate can impact the world at large.
Those taking up this subject can have a career in geographical and environmental research, teaching, consultancy, development survey, town planning and so on.

With the passage of time, sociology is another subject in the field of humanities and social sciences that is greatly gaining significance. Involving the study of human behavior, social organizations, cultures and social changes, sociology is comprehensive in nature.
Sociology equips an individual with methods and tools necessary for understanding the social milieu. Besides, research sociology experts can work as community developers, professors, consultants, therapists, human resource managers, program managers and so on.

Delving into the complexities of human mind or psyche, psychology makes for a very fascinating subject. Students learn interpersonal skills and transferrable abilities as part of this course. The strong reasoning and analytical skills that individuals gain during the study of this subject, makes them valuable resources to organizations.
As a part of their education, students can choose to specialize in any of its branches, which include cognitive psychology, social and critical psychology, forensic and investigative psychology and so on.
Travel and tourism

Although travel and tourism makes an appearance across universities as a special course or a vocational course, there are various educational institutions for higher studies that have assimilated it in their Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. This course is especially designed for those bitten by the travel bug and allows them to see the world and learn more about different people and cultures.
Given, that India as a country with rich history and diverse cultures has numerous exquisite destinations popular for travel and tourism, students selecting this course need not worry about employability.

Now that you have this knowledge at hand, it is time to let your passions soar.

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