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February 3, 2017
1st National Workshop on “Cyber Security” at GD Goenka University
February 3, 2017

Ms Nidhi Razdan, Executive Editor and Anchor, NDTV 24X7, had a highly interactive session with the students of the School of Communication on January 25, 2016. During the two-hour session, Ms Razdan apprised the students of the pressures of anchoring, and what is expected of good journalists.

Ms Razdan, who is one of the country’s leading anchors,told the students that anchoring has changed considerably in the last two decades. “When I started anchoring there was not much pressure. There was not much competition, and one did not have to look over one’s shoulder to know what the other channels are saying. That space has gone. Today, anchoring is a high pressure job. It is more instant. You have to be constantly on your feet.”

She told the students that in NDTV every story has to be double sourced. “No story can be broadcast till it has been verified by two different sources. This is a good policy, and everyone must follow it.”

She wanted the students not to believe everything that is being published on social media. “There is a lot of untruth and lies over there. Please be careful of what you use,” she cautioned the students.

Responding to a query on debates on TV, Ms Razdan said that anchors should not bully participants. They should ensure that all participants are given equal opportunity to express their views. She was also clear that anchors should not lecture to audiences.

Ms Razdan’s views were supported by Ms ManikaRaikwar, Managing Editor, NDTV 24X7. Ms Raikwar, who had come to the campus for the second time, shared her views on social media, and how, she and her team sifts information. “You cannot ignore social media. But you also have to be careful as to what you use,” she told the students.

The afternoon session of the workshop was conducted by Mr Jatin Gupta, Chief Editor, NDTV. He explained to the students how his team provides technical support to NDTV journalists.

The workshop which was the sixth in the series of NDTV workshops, was anchored by Mr Sanjay Ahirwal, Managing Editor, NDTV Worldwide.

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