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She is like a breath of fresh air and effervescence in a world full of problems. Her smile can make any moment lighter, and place brighter. Her dance is a combination of grace, innocence and beauty. She loves eating momos and playing basketball. Yet she follows it up with great grades and active participation in socially responsible causes and issues. Upasana Sharma from our School of Architecture and Planning is our ‘Outstanding Student Achiever’ this month. Here is a tete a tete with her:

Why did you choose architecture as your career choice?

I was in 9th grade when I got to know about this field from my uncle. Exploring more regarding this field, I actually found similarities of what I had as an image of my profession. So, I pursued architecture.

What made you select G D Goenka University for pursuing this course?

I had heard from an acquaintance that G D Goenka University has great curriculum. I visited the University and to be very honest, I fell in love with the infrastructure. I just love being on this campus and there has never been a dull day.

What aspect of architecture you find most fascinating?

The most fascinating part according to me is that we can positively impact people's lives which if I could achieve probably will satisfy my purpose of choosing architecture. Also, despite architecture having to contain building sciences and technology, the final esoteric product does not have a definitively right or wrong answer because no two architects will have the same perspective. Architecture can never be monotonous, it constantly keeps evolving. Architecture for me isn't a job or just a profession, but a lifestyle where you have the artistic freedom and personal expression.

What is your relationship with dance? Why do you love dancing? What does dance mean to you?

Answering the last question first, dance to me is my biggest stress buster. Whenever you feel sad, depressed or lonely at times, just play the music and go on. I have always emulated great dancers in terms of paying attention to expressions on my face. That is where probably from where I learned to dance. Dance has a lot to teach me about life too. It teaches me how to respond to changing circumstances gracefully and creatively, without freaking out. It teaches me confidence.

Did you learn dance? Were you always into dance as a kid?

No, I have not learnt dance and I had never performed in school. In fact in school I was a shy kid and preferred sitting at the back of the class. The talent hunt we had last year before Fresher’s Day was in fact my first stage performance and that too a solo performance. But I got so much encouragement here that I have performed at almost every major function in the University.

So you think G D Goenka University discovered your talent and gave you that confidence?

Yes, our Dean, Prof. Chhabi Misra, who herself is an accomplished artist has always encouraged me and my mentor, Ms. Parul Singh also goaded me on always. Ms Bharti Chaddha also helped me a lot when I was going through some attendance issues. I feel the faculty here really counsels you well. I can say, in many ways my personality blossomed here with the correct guidance and push.

How do you balance time, considering you do equally well in studies and extra curricular activities?

Time-management is something which I have been trying to follow strictly. Since my grandfather was Chief Head Officer of the Forest Department, I learned not only discipline but also the value of time. No matter how busy you are, if you are not a good time manager you fail every minute, that's what he believes. My father is also a disciplinarian. Adapting and implementing those learnings, I always tried to maintain balance between both the things. Extra curricular activities are important but not at the cost of studies I believe. Whenever I get free from my classes, I utilize my time enhancing my skills be it dancing or basketball.

How is the hostel life here?

I love the hostel life here. The food is good. Even though my parents live in Delhi, staying in hostel gives me ample time to pursue sports and other activities. I play basketball in the evening, I run. It is such a beautiful campus for outdoor activities. Now they are even fixing 4 G tower, I heard. What else do you want!

Your favourite colour, dish, singer, attire for college, brand in clothing or fashion?

I love all the colors but to be specific purple the most. I am crazy for momos. If I was asked by a genie to make 3 wishes, 1 amongst them would probably be me sitting in a room full of momos. I don't follow any brand and I am proud to say that. Anything that looks good on me will be added to my wardrobe be it a top from Westside or Sarojini Nagar. No specific college attire as such, I believe in wearing what suits and comforts you.

An architect who has inspired you?

I follow Zaha Hadid. World's most famous woman architect whose style is contemporary, organic and innovative.

What makes GDGU special for you?

GDGU gave me a land of opportunities where I could see my performance graph rising in a positive, self-confident way. I could express and carry myself in a better way. The seniors were extremely warm welcoming and encouraging which somehow eliminated the ragging image with which I entered the college. Be it our Dean, Prof Chhabi Misra who really encourages us, the faculty or seniors,everyone had that positive energy which a fresher would expect for a moral support.

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