S.No. Name of the Patenter Patent Number Title of the patent Year of Award of patent
1. Dr. Usha Batra 201821000000 FIGFPD-SYSTEM: Fuel Indicator and Global fuel Pump detection system Published
2. Dr. Usha Batra 201821029058 D-DUSTBIN: Digital Dustbin Published
3. Dr. Usha Batra 201911018862 SMARTEND-OF-LIFE CARE: AN APP FOR ORGAN DONATION Published
4. Dr. Usha Batra 201921035002 FAH-Food Truck: Fully Automated Human Less food truck Published
5. Dr. Usha Batra 201821015636 "Add Pen Drive WiFi:Add more then two pen drive witd Wi-Fi" Published
6. Dr. Usha Batra 201941040658 EVM-Control: Electric Vehicle Controlling System using Beagle Bone Black REV C(4G) Published
7. Dr. Usha Batra 201941037658 I-PEN : Detect the printed text and spray the page color means removes the text Published
8. Dr. Usha Batra 201821025143 "IP-System: Intelligent Printing System to remove text on paper and reuse paper, INK. Published
9. Dr. Usha Batra 201821008735 RWDO Machine: Rain water drain out machine from pit or basement Published
10. Dr. Usha Batra 201911035615 IEG-POWER Bank: Integrated Electronics Gaugeate Powerbank Published
11. Ms. Koshalpreet Kaur 3948/DEL/2015 Assistive garment facilitating Kangaroo mother care Published
12. Dr. Manju Aggarwal 201821049324 Intelligent Sign Device witd Date and Time in Real Time Published

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