GD Goenka University is a premier Higher Educational Institution that has, within few years of it’s inception, been able to establish benchmarks in delivering quality education through relevant and current learning outcomes based curriculum, its focus on collaborative learning and extensive research and also by attracting highly skilled Faculty. Several International MoUs and Articulations that we have with prestigious Industry bodies and Universities across the Globe also provide an opportunity for International exposure and knowledge exchange to our Faculty and students.

A University focused on Interdisciplinary Research, through it’s R&D Department, it offers Doctoral programs across all 12 Schools. The University engages collaboratively with a host of research partners including industry, government, not-for-profit organizations, community organizations, industry associations and research institutions in India and abroad to develop solutions and solve real world problems. Research activities take place across the University either in the form of Doctoral research, funded projects, or Publications and research Patents filed by faculty, staff and students. Research areas are diverse and varied ranging from Medical and Biological Sciences to Basic and Applied Sciences, from Agricultural Sciences to Social Sciences, From Communication and Media to Engineering, from Teacher Education to Law, from Hospitality to Design and so on.

The Faculty members tirelessly engage with the Research scholars in order to support their doctoral journeys. Several senior Professionals from the Industry and Academicians are enrolled for fulfilling their scholarly ambitions and are duly supported in their endeavor by the Faculty Guides. The Guides engage scholars effectively within their academic and professional disciplines by supporting them in acquiring skills and the knowledge in order to conceptualize, design and carry out scholarly research which also helps them in solving problems related to their respective professional practice, hence bringing positive social change. The scholars are taken through an extensive and exhaustive coursework when they join the Program so that they develop a research oriented mindset and gain clarity about the process of doing research. This period of coursework also provides them with several opportunities for engaging with Faculty and peer in scholarly discourses and establishing networks that foster academic and professional success.

The scholars also have access to various resources and facilities provided by the University. Offering world class facilities, the GD Goenka University Campus has a well stacked Library, several online reading resources, well equipped Laboratories and research facilities. Scholars also have the option of staying at the University’s student hostel where they are provided with hygienic food and a comfortable stay.

The University periodically invites guest speakers with expertise in various domains ranging from Research Methodology to Writing Research Projects. Regular Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) are also held at the Campus and faculty are also encouraged to participate in such workshops externally. The scholars are provided with the opportunity of participating in Guest Lectures and the various seminars/ research Conclaves organized at the University.

One such Conclave was organized in the month of February this year, in order to provide a platform for exchange of learning and interacting with eminent speakers from research organizations, industry and academia. The broad objective of the conclave was not only to keep pace with the expanding frontiers of knowledge but also to provide research training for producing quality research publications. The aim of the conclave was to provide an opportunity to researchers with various research philosophies and backgrounds to get together and promote the development of collaborative research environment at G D Goenka University by connecting with eminent experts from research organizations, industry and academia. All PhD scholars were encouraged to design a poster showcasing their research ideas. The two day Conclave was inaugurated by Prof Suku Bhaskaran (President- GD Goenka University). Dr. H.B. Singh from the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, Dr. Gaurav Gupta from the Ministry of Electronics, Information and Technology, Dr. G.R. Raghvender from the Ministry of Law & Justice, along with eminent speakers from DRDO, ICAR and the Corporate Industry, led sessions on drafting research projects, co-learning in research and innovation, data analysis, patents, copyrights and several such areas. 204 researchers participated in this Annual Research Conclave this year. There were 11 parallel sessions that culminated in award of 5 prizes. Besides the Annual Research Conclave, all our Schools, periodically schedule various Conferences (like REACH, ICON etc.) in which they invite participation both from scholars of GD Goenka as well as other Universities.

Our Faculty members are constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge and celebrate fundamental discoveries and practical applications alike. As educators, they value research as a powerful form of learning by doing. The faculty members, students and staff collaborate – with each other peers at other universities, funding agencies and industry partners – in pursuit of bold ideas and innovative answers. Modern advancements are made through collaboration and multi-layered input. We have several Faculty members that have worked and trained at various prestigious Universities both globally and in India. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience which they pass on to the scholars hence furthering the cause of knowledge building while blurring geographical boundaries and limitations put forth thereof.

Our on-campus research capabilities are enhanced through a wide range of collaborations. To build our international research reputation, we are building a world-class research environment, promoting a culture of excellence and increasing research activity for creating a better tomorrow for future generations.

The Faculty across all schools of the University have, in the past few months, published several papers in scholarly National and International Journals of repute, have authored several books and cases and have also filed for Patents. Some Faculty Members from our school of Basic and Applied Sciences are currently working on Projects funded by prestigious Funding agencies like the Department of Science & Technology and several fresh projects have been applied for. Research oriented faculty members from several schools have recently submitted research projects seeking research grants for their ambitious research interests.

As the University aims to promote quality research across all it’s schools, it is committed to developing scholastic and academic capabilities of Faculty and students. Several new initiatives have led to a more streamlined management of the research activities in the recent past and the goal is to further strengthen the scholastic engagement of students and staff. The University would also be inviting MoUs from industry bodies, fostering collaborative research.

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