Start of 3-day Train the Teacher (T3) program under IBM collaboration

Faculty Training on Outcome Based Education and Accreditation
June 30, 2016
Training conducted by GD Goenka faculty member on ‘Python’ at Central University, Haryana
February 8, 2017

On 18th July 2016, a 3-day Train the Teacher program started on the topic titled “Applied Statistical Analysis using R” at GD Goenka School of Engineering. Dr. Neha Sehgal, the Subject Matter Expert (SME) from IBM is the trainer for this T3 program. Every semester these trainings are provided to the faculty members of GD Goenka School of Engineering, by SMEs from IBM. After passing the qualifying exam on the final day the faculty members become certified to teach the students who have opted for the specializations offered by IBM at GDGU.

Applied Statistical Analysis is one of the core courses offered to the B. Tech (CSE) students who have opted for the specialization in ‘Big Data Analytics and Optimization’. Keeping in view the importance of analytics in big data, this course is very crucial and a pre-requisite for upcoming courses such as web analytics or mobile analytics.

Dr. Sehgal highlighted the issues in big data and use of statistical analysis, and there after she discussed ‘R’. She also presented two interesting case studies and a set of questionnaire whose answers were to be found using fundamental operations in R. The last day of the T3 program on ‘Applied Statistical Analysis using R’ is 20th July. Topics for the further planned sessions scheduled in the upcoming weeks are: IT Infrastructure landscape Overview, Introduction to Virtualization & Cloud Computing, and Data Mining & Predictive Modeling.

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