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Welcome to the School of Architecture

Architecture is an amalgamation of the aesthetic spaces and the technical skills in context to the environmental settings. There is a growing respect for architecture as one of the top academic disciplines, a design practice, and a practical business closely connected with the largest segment of investment in the economy. Architects are called upon to think of concepts, plans and accomplish construction tasks and take other decisions related to setting up a physical environment in a diversity of surroundings.

GD Goenka Bachelors in Architecture

One of the best Architecture colleges in Delhi NCR, GD Goenka offers Bachelors in Architecture through its School of Architecture and Planning. The course provides students with professional education in field of architectural design. Adhering to international standards, the college ensures that students that take up the course have the requisite creative and technical skills to work in the industry, making GD Goenka the preferred choice of students for B. Arch among colleges in Delhi.

A popular choice among the students of Delhi NCR wanting to study architecture, GD Goenka’s School of Architecture and Planning provides comprehensive and effective course for students who wish to specialize in architectural design and is among the top architecture colleges in Delhi. The B. Arch course prepares students in for a career in the professional field of Architecture. During the course, students learn to deal with complex systems and problems, and manage projects using emerging technologies in the field. The course focuses equally on theory and workshop training, and is taught by one of the most experienced faulty among architecture colleges in Delhi NCR. The course itself focuses on the fields of design, humanities, engineering and technology. Students are taught skills that will help them deal with problems faced during the designing and execution of a project, teaching them technical and managerial abilities that will be handy in the field.



  • Dr. Neena Singh Zutshi

    Dr. Neena Singh Zutshi

    History, theory and criticism in Architecture

  • Kiran Singh

    Kiran Singh

    Assistant Professor

  • Nilofar Saifi

    Nilofar Saifi

    Assistant Professor

  • Gajender Bhatti

    Gajender Bhatti

    Assistant Professor

  • Ankita Raman

    Ankita Raman

    Assistant Professor

  • Shachi Gurani

    Shachi Gurani

    Part Time Faculty

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