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Welcome to the School of Communication

Today we are all residents of a global village and this phenomenon is largely due to the rapid progress we have made in the realm of Communication. That is why Mass Communication continues to dominate the academic landscape, offering a plethora of career options ranging from Television Production to Event Management, from Digital Photography to Print Journalism and from Advertising to Radio Production. The role played by the Media has increased manifold over the decades and in current times can be considered a strong pillar on which freedom of speech rests and thrives.

Why Go For Journalism Courses in Delhi

Making GD Goenka the best journalism college in Delhi is the fact that the university follows a holistic approach in all aspects of its courses, including the School of Communication. From opting for a PGD in advertising public relations to following a BJMC course in Delhi, students that complete their courses from the top mass communication colleges in Delhi have numerous options for their later careers, including fields like film, television, radio, other types of journalism, publishing, local governments, public relations, marketing, theatre, as well as teaching and education.

The School of Communication follows curriculums that are designed to instil the students with modern communication skills that are in high demand in varied industries. The courses seek to add a new level of confidence among the students, preparing them to integrate themselves into a highly dynamic industry that changes with the trends and advancements in the real world.

GD Goenka, the Top Communication College in Delhi

Among the emerging Private Universities in the National Capital Region, GD Goenka University has already marked its position as the best communication college in Delhi. We are guided by a philosophy that believes that new thinking in areas like learning, teaching, research, and training are factors that play a major role in making today’s students tomorrow’s leaders. GD Goenka University offers a range of programs from diploma to doctoral level courses in numerous disciplines including communication. With a well-integrated and holistic curriculum, GD Goenka has become one of the top journalism colleges in Delhi, paying attention to the over-all development of the students in their care, imparting skills that are in huge demand in almost all industries today.



  • Ms. Meha Prasad

    Ms. Meha Prasad

    Assistant Professor
    Marketing Communication and Brand Management

  • Mr. Saniuddin Khan

    Mr. Saniuddin Khan

    Assistant Professor
    Animation & Fine Arts

  • Dr. Kuldeep M. Siwach

    Dr. Kuldeep M. Siwach

    Assistant Professor

    Digital Media

  • Dr. Amaresh Jha

    Dr. Amaresh Jha

    Associate Professor


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