About School of Mass Communication

Today we are all residents of a global village and this phenomenon is largely due to the rapid progress we have made in the realm of Communication. That is why Mass Communication continues to dominate the academic landscape, offering a plethora of career options ranging from Television Production to Event Management, from Digital Photography to Print Journalism and from Advertising to Radio Production. The role played by the Media has increased manifold over the decades and in current times can be considered a strong pillar on which freedom of speech rests and thrives.

Keeping this in perspective, our mission is to impart knowledge to the students in a broad range of media careers with a view to preparing them for a future career in Journalism and Mass communication. Our unique teaching pedagogy gives students an insight into the vast field of mass media and communication. Our state of the art infrastructure enables students to get, 'hands on' training in the various fields, thereby facilitating an easy transition from academics to industry.

Our internship programme involves the placement of our students with reputed Media houses and organizations for a period of 4-6 weeks, at the end of the sixth semester. During their Internship students gain valuable practical hands-on experience which in turn contributes in the development of their skills and expertise in the specific fields chosen by them. Field based Internship also forges a linkage between theoretical concepts and current practices prevailing in the industry. On completion of their Internship program, students will have to submit a project report under the guidance mentors from the Industry and the University who will also conduct a Viva Voce on the relevant discipline chosen by the students.

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