Design education demands a combination of some very particular intellectual and Practical Skills


  • Lateral thinking, conceptual thinking, analytical and critical thinking
  • The ability to hold Multiple and potentially contradictory possibilities in mind simultaneously
  • Social, historical, cultural and political awareness
  • Enhanced perception and observation skills
  • The ability to generate new ideas: creativity


  • Visual communication skills – through drawing, making, or digital manipulation
  • Visual appreciation skills
  • Understanding and manipulation of materials and processes particular to the discipline of choice (e.g. pattern-cutting, website construction, industrial manufacturing processes)

GD Goenka School of Fashion and Design will hold DAT (Design Aptitude Test) to be followed by an interview to ascertain the competency of applicants for undertaking the study programmes at SOFD. DAT is patterned similar to aptitude tests being conducted by best design institutes in India like NIFT, NID etc. DAT is designed to measure domain-related cognitive capacity of applicants in terms of lateral/ conceptual thinking/ analytical and critical thinking and the ability to hold multiple and potentially contradictory possibilities in mind simultaneously through a set of psychometric aptitude tests to measure abilities (such as verbal, numerical) and reasoning abilities (such as verbal, numerical, logical, spatial and abstract reasoning). The test shall check the Social/ historical/ cultural and political awareness; perception and observation skills and the ability to generate new ideas along with skills for visual communication.

GD Goenka SOFD will also accept NEED/CEED scores, followed by personal interview for admission applications.

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