“Faculty of school of fashion & design represents a classic mix of academic excellence with professional experience. Coming from world-class institutions, each and every faculty reflects significant proficiency in their subject/ specialization”

Mr. Manish Joshi


Specialisation : Product Design, HOD, School of Fashion and Design

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Mr. Shantanu

Associate Professor

Specialisation : Communication Design

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Mr. Mohit Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor

Specialisation : User Experience Design and User Interfaces for Product Design

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Ms. Koshalpreet Kaur

Assistant Professor

Specialisation : Fashion Design

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Ms. Abha Maheshwari

Assistant Professor

Specialisation : Interior Design

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Dr. Anjali Agrawal

Assistant Professor

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Mr. Amit Singh Slathia

Assistant Professor

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Vineeta Kochhar

Assistant Professor

Specialisation : Retail Interior Design and Visual Merchandising

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Ms. Lakshmi Surya. N

Assistant Professor

Specialisation : Fashion Design, Sustainable Fashion

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Mr. Manish Iyer

Visiting Faculty

Specialisation : Design Skills

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Ms. Lopamudra Pakira

Assistant Professor

Specialisation : Fine Arts

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Ms. Garima Rawal Jain

Visiting Faculty

Specialisation : Italian Language

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Marisa Galbiati

Marisa Galbiati, Vice Dean at Politecnico di Milano teaches Communication and Audiovisual Media that deals with communication strategies applied in different contexts, urban-territorial scope, art and business communication. She is the Director of Master in Art Direction & Copy writing, also She is the Director of Master in SNID(Social Network Influence Design).She has written numerous books on Theory Languages & Methodology in communication field in particular about new technologies & narratives in Transmedia and Cross media Project. Some of her most renowned books includes – ” Envisioning The City” – Narrative Solutions for the Design of a Sustainable City.

Margherita Pillan

Margherita Pillan, Vice Dean at Politecnico di Milano Research interests: interaction design, communication, digital media, service design, social innovation, intercultural dialog, multicultural society, game design, procedural rhetoric, design education.

Lorenzo Morganti

Prof. Lorenzo Morganti (Politecnico di Milano) is an architect based out of Milan, focusing on retail and interior design in the private and public sectors. Prof. Morganti has also created and developed several projects in product design (furniture and appliances) and designed corporate identity for a well known franchise for a chain of beauty salons in Italy. He is now in charge for the interior design of the flagship store of Foundation Altagamma – food branch.

Francesco Galli

Professor Galli is a researcher focussed on Innovative Design Network Management. He has lectured at Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Xi’an, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Sao Paolo, Porto Alegre, Santiago Chile, Temuco Chile, Valparaiso, Tokyo, Kyoto, Sydney, Melbourne, Taipei.

Anna sara zonolla Mancini

Anna sara zonolla Mancini is a Ph.D. in Design with a Thesis on the concept of decoration, ornament and details in Fashion and Textile Design. Anna Sara Zanolla Mancini’s research interests are in the fashion and textile field and involve the relationship between the creative and the productive process in the global context, more specifically: new emerging productive models, reconfiguration of the fashion manufacturing, new roles and attributes of the designer, visual and conceptual variations of the fashion material culture. She participated to several research projects on new handicrafts design driven. As a designer her professional activity deals with the weaving and finishing techniques in addition to the strategic, meta design and research consultancy.Since 2008 she has been teaching assistant and lecturer in several Fashion Degree and Master Degree courses and workshops at School of Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Edgardo Attolini

Professor Edgardo Attolini from Politecnico di Milano is a renowned Architect and designer from Milan, his portfolio includes various awards and numerous design projects in Italy and all across world. According to him his visit to India was all the more special as he was happy to see the world class facilities at GD Goenka School of Fashion & Design acting as an international platform for nourishing young minds. He could clearly see the positive synergies brought together in this Indo-Italian venture between GD Goenka School of Fashion & Design and Politecnico di Milano. He is currently a Professor of Retail Design at School of Design from Politecnico di Milano.

Paolo Castagnetti

Professor Paolo Castagnetti works for some of the most important Italian and international group which are exporting all over the world in the field of design and architecture (Giorgio Armani, intercontinental hotels group, etc..). He also develops eco-sustainable architectural projects for big international groups and specialized in architecture, interior design and design in the field of hospitality, tourism and wellness.

Giovanni Maria Conti

He is responsible for the Dynamics of Innovation connected to processes of Cross Fertilization between Fashion and Culture of the Industrial Design. He has worked in Donna Karan NY as Assistant Account Executive International, with responsibility in sales of DKNY Woman in Italy.Visiting Researcher to Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology of Bangalore (India) he also Lectures in InstitutoPolitecnico de CasteloBranco (Portugal) and Junior researcher into SENAI Design Future programme in Brazil, he is executive secretary of Fashion Design Degree at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano. Member of Faculty of the Master in Fashion Project Management (MFI – Milano Fashion Institute), he was involved in some research programs on the relationships between Fashion and Design. He is a member of board of the International Journal “REDIGE – Revista de Design, Inovação e GestãoEstratégica da Faculdade SENAI/CETIQT”. Actually, he working on some project in Textile and Knit Design

Roberto Liberti

Roberto Liberti is a researcher in Architectural Technology with the Department IDEAS Industrial Design Environment and Faculty of History of Architecture at Second University of Naples, Aversa Headquarters. He has carried out research and educational activities in the sector of design strategy and design-driven fashion, in the Degree Course in Industrial Design, Industrial Design for Fashion and Master Degree In Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the Second University of Naples, developing parallel experiences Research in the field of strategic design for the field of environmentally sustainable industrial development.

Alessandro Biamonti

Alessandro Biamonti is a PhD in Industrial Design and multimedia communication. At Politecnico di Milan he coordinates the activities of the research team and Laboratory of Innovation and Research on the Extensions. Professor Alessandro is a Member of the INTERNAL UdRD (Politecnico di Milano) also is manages the Coordination of the Doctorate in Design at Politecnico di Milano, and of the scientific committee Center for Studies on Design (Universidad do Estado de Minas Gerais – Brazil).

Maria Antonietta Sbordone

Maria Antonietta Sbordone is Assistant Professor in Industrial Design with the Department IDEAS Industrial Design Environment and History of the Faculty of Architecture at the Second University of Naples, Aversa Headquarters. She graduated with honors in 1990 in Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II. She has been teaching, seminars and research at the Department of Configuration and Implementation of Architecture at the University of Naples. She was also a partner and ordinary member of the Board of the National Institute of Bio-Architecture, dealing with the promotion of cultural, scientific and design, through the implementation of experiments, awards, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and workshops on the design of environmentally friendly solutions. She is a member of the Board of the Association for Industrial Design (ADI), where she is responsible for the promotion of cultural, scientific and design, through the conduct of clinical, awards, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and workshops on the theme of the new scenarios of international contemporary design. Professor Maria collaborates with the interior design and fashion magazines.

Annalisa Dominoni

Annalisa Dominoni is a PhD in industrial Design. She researches in the aerospace area and extreme environments. She teaches strategies of creativity and innovation for the design, and innovative materials. She has participated and contributed to national and international exhibitions and has won numerous recognitions, among which are the XVII I Reward COMPASS OF GOLD, Milan 1995 and the XX I Reward COMPASS OF GOLD, Milan 2004.

Helen Claire Bachmann

British fashion and textile designer and educationalist, living in Milan (Italy) since 1980. Born in Africa in 1957 of British / Swiss parents and brought up between England and Switzerland. Completed education in the United Kingdom, and gained a First Class BA (Hons) Honours Degree in Fashion Design and History of Art at Cheltenham College of Art and Design in the UK in 1980. Apart from mother-tongue English, languages include fluent Italian and some German.

Moved to Italy in 1980 searching for creative opportunities, and gaining valuable experiences in design studios concentrating on fashion design, drawing & illustration. Knitwear, texture, colour and garment construction, including complete collections from research through product sampling.

Travels for work extending from Japan to Iceland, Hong Kong to the USA, Korea to the Arab Emirates, and extensively in Europe. Consulting clients have included Giorgio Armani, Valentino Uomo, Corneliani, Belfe & Belfe, Mandarina Duck, Alafoss and Four Seasons Hotels.

Seriously involved as an educationalist in Art & Design Institutes in Milan since 1990, including Politecnico di Milano, Naba, MFI-Milano Fashion Institute and IED-Istituto Europeo di Milano, both as a Professor and as a Course Coordinator.

Currently working on various projects with a valid team of young talents including design work for an Onlus voluntary organization in Ghana, Africa. Always with passion.

Numerous family commitments also keep me busy!

Studio Helen Field
Viale Vittorio Veneto 2
20124 Milano
Tel: ++39- 02-20240807
Cell: ++39-348-7022120
e-mail: helen.field@fastwebnet.it

Silvia Piardi

Head of the Department of Design

(Milan, Italy, 1950), architect and journalist, is full professor in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano, Department of Design.

She has been Coordinator of the Interior Design Degree Course of the Design School, then President of the Master Degree in Nautical and Cruise Vessel Design established in La Spezia with the University of Genova; she’s the Director of the Master in Yacht Design in Milan. Member of the Faculty of the Doctorate in Interior Architecture and Exhibit Design, she’s lecturer at the Interior Design Master, in Milan and in Beijng. Visiting professor at the Tshingua University of Beijng, she has been responsible for workstudios on Interior and exterior Design. Her scientific and teaching interests are related to interior design – both in civil and in ship and yacht construction – paying attention to human wellbeing in a sustainable context.

Since 2010 she is the Head of the Department of Design of the Politecnico di Milano.

Recent pubblications are: S. Piardi, S. Ercoli, A. Ratti, (2012), “Design for All on board: Boat design in the era of access for (almost) everybody”. In: AHFE International Conference Proceedings, San Francisco, p. 6503-6510; S. Piardi, L. Zanolari Bottelli (2012). “Meaning of color in Chinese culture”. In: M. Rossi. Color and Colorimetry Multidisciplinary Contributions. Bologna, p. 224-231, Maggioli Santarcangelo di Romagna; S.Piardi, V. Natile, S. Tieghi, Office Smart Design, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2012.

Gianluca Sgalippa

Born in 1966 in Milan. At Politecnico di Milano, in 1993, graduated in Architecture and in 2000 a PhD in Industrial Design.

In a guise as a freelancer is active in various fields of design at a small scale, both as a designer and as a consultant: interior design (especially on the residential side), product design, lighting design (through the assiduous collaboration with the Martini), design and sets (with particular reference to the field of fashion and visual marketing), visual communication (especially corporate image and institutional), street furniture (remember the plan developed in 2003 for the city of Fidenza, etc.).

Since 2011 he is the owner and creative director of Enzyma (www.enzyma.it), for the of web-diffusion of the self-produced furniture collection.

As a lecturer he has collaborated with the most prestigious design schools in Milan (School of Design of the Politecnico, Istituto Marangoni, NABA and IED). Currently is professor of Design System at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milano).

He also performs an intense publishing activity as an essayist and critic of the design. He founded and edited two magazines of design: in period 2003-2011, “BagnoDesign” (Tecniche Nuove) and, between 2010 and 2011, the web-magazine MixDesign (www.mixdesign.it). He is the author of the books Quando il prdotto diventa luogo (When the product becomes a place), (Franco Angeli, 2002), Post-bagno (Post-bathroom), (Tecniche Nuove, 2006), Trans-Design (Tecniche Nuove, 2008), and Space Age Lights (exhibition catalog of the same name, Electa, 2010). Since 2013 editor of the fashion blog Dresss (www.dresss.it).

It promotes many cultural events and exhibitions intended to deepen of various design themes. Among these, there is the curation of the exhibition “Space Age Lights”, held at the Triennale in Milan from May to September of 2010.

In the three years 2008-‘10 he was coordinator of the Committee “Design for Living” ADI – Association for Industrial Design, engaged in the selection of products for the book ADI Index.

Simona Venditti

Simona Venditti holds a Ph.D. in Design from Politecnico di Milano where she is currently a research fellow in the Design Department. She has a background in Communication Design and she works with Imagis Lab, a research group focused on audiovisual storytelling, digital media and game design. Her research interests deal with digital fiction, narratively, social media, and digital strategies of engagement. She has been guest Ph.D. student at RUC – Roskilde University at the Department of Communication and the Arts and she presented her research in numerous international conferences.

Mariana Ciancia

Mariana Ciancia, PhD in Design from Politecnico di Milano, is currently lecturer (School of Design, Politecnico di Milano; Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) and fellow researcher (Design Department, Politecnico di Milano). Her research activity deals with new media and participatory culture, with the aim of understanding how multichannel phenomena (crossmedia and transmedia) are changing the processes of production, distribution and consumption of narrative environments.

Rossana Gaddi

Rossana Gaddi holds a Ph.D. in Design and technology for the enhancement of cultural heritage from Politecnico di Milano, where she is currently postdoc researcher and lecturer. She is a professional communication designer since 2003. At the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano she conducts research on communication and relationship between design, fashion design and territory. She is a member of the faculty of Poli.Design and MFI (Milano Fashion Institute) consortium(Catholic University, Bocconi University, Politecnico di Milano).

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