The collaboration of SOFD with Politecnico di Milano enables student’s unmatched opportunities to study in the Milan Campus of PDM as part of the semester exchange offered by SoFD. In addition students can also opt for a two week industry internship in Milan, in the autumn semester or visit Milan in the spring semester on a study trip during the Furniture Fair.

Visiting PDM for a Year on Exchange

In 2015, the first batch of students of SoFD went for a one year exchange to Politecnico di Milano. These students attended classes along with the students of PDM and other exchange students from FIT New York, China etc.

In 2016, our second batch of SoFD students left for the semester/one year exchange to Milan. While the Semester exchange students were back with us for the even spring semester, the one year exchange students will join back from the odd autumn semester.

Our present batch of students are in the process of completing the academic formalities before their departure to Milan in August/September 2017.

Visiting PDM and Italy on Study Tour

Every spring and autumn SoFD organizes a 2-week study tour to Politecnicodi Milano and Italy for their Design students.

The highlight of the spring trip, is the visit to Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, the Milan Furniture Week. Students paired with Italian design students systematically cover and explore all the areas of this amazing collection of the best designer’s work in the world at one place. They also see the works of the young designers and students in Salone Satellite, the established ones at the Fiera Milano complex and Fuori Salone and the changing museum at the Triennale. Product and communication design students can also visit the Ferrari museum.

The autumn trip focuses majorly on an industry internship/workshop with Politecnico faculty, inclusive of a visit to famous interior design studios of Milan.

In between, weekend trips are organized to the inspirational cities of Venice, Florence, Como& Turin etc. where besides marveling at the stupendous architecture & scenic beauty, the students have an occasion to study the best examples of Visual Merchandizing. They can visit the showrooms of Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Versace, Miu-Miu, Breshka, Dior. In Florence they can visit the leather district and in Venice, the factory of Murano for the European techniques of Glass making.

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