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Welcome to the Best B.ED College in Delhi NCR

As well quoted by Wan Welton Fitzwater, ‘The future of the world is in my classroom today’. This is the vision on which GD Goenka’s School of Education, one of the best B.ED colleges in Delhi NCR, works. Being the best B.ED college in Haryana, we work with a notion to produce world class teachers for global citizens, the student-teachers of School of Education are exposed to various activities, catering to their cognitive, affective, conative and psycho-social development.

Why opt for a course from the GD Goenka School of Education?

Marking its place as one of the top schools of Education in Delhi NCR, GD Goenka University offers education programmes that have been designed for those who seek to enhance their credentials in the field of education. Whether you aim to become an education-related professional, a consultant, administrator, supervisor, or teacher, you need the best Institute offering programmes related to Education in Delhi NCR. GD Goenka University’s School of Education, the top B.ED college in Haryana, will help you build the critical knowledge and the skills needed in the field.

What we offer as the best B.ED College in Delhi NCR

Being the best college for B.ED in Haryana, the School of Education offers numerous programmes that specialize in various disciplines of education, including B. Ed, Integrated B.A/ B.Sc. - B. Ed, M.A. (ELM), PGDEM, Diploma in Education and PhD in Education. These programmes are specially designed to offer professional development and certification in the various areas that are crucial to career advancement in the field of education. The programmes that are offered at the School of Education are approved by the State Government of Haryana and the Teacher Education programmes are certified by the NCTE.

What Makes GD Goenka the Top B.ED college in Haryana?

Located in Gurugram, School of Education, GD Goenka University is well-known as one of the best B.ED colleges in Haryana. It is a world-class institution that imparts inter-disciplinary research and practical oriented education, focusing on hands-on experience and on learning beyond the four walls of a classroom. Offering a well-integrated and holistic curriculum, this School has become one of the top institutes offering Education programmes in Haryana. Here, the faculty pays attention to the over-all development of the students in their care, and focuses on imparting skills that are in huge demand within the education industry. The mentor-mentee system provides the students individualized attention.



  • Dr. Aabha Sharma

    Dr. Aabha Sharma

    Head of the Department

  • Dr. Mira Mishra

    Dr. Mira Mishra

    Assistant Professor
    Environmental Education

  • Dr. Pooja Chopra

    Dr. Pooja Chopra

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Arun Kumar M

    Dr. Arun Kumar M

    Assistant Professor
    Political Science

  • Ms. Disha Maheshwari

    Ms. Disha Maheshwari

    Assistant Professor
    English Literature, Language Pedagogy, & Gender Studies

  • Dr. Reshma Wadhwani Vats

    Dr. Reshma Wadhwani Vats

    Assistant Professor
    Teacher Education, English Language Teaching

  • Dr. Parvesh Lata

    Dr. Parvesh Lata

    Assistant Professor
    Teacher Education

  • Ms. Rekha Kaushal

    Ms. Rekha Kaushal

    Assistant Professor
    Teacher Education and Mathematics Education

  • Dr. Sangita Sharma

    Dr. Sangita Sharma

    Assistant Professor
    Teacher Education, English

  • Dr. Daisy Priya Nath

    Dr. Daisy Priya Nath

    Assistant Professor
    Methodology & Teaching

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