Advancements for Internationalisation of Teacher Education Curriculum Day 3

Advancements for Internationalisation of Teacher Education Curriculum Day 2
May 10, 2019
Guest Lecture on Artificial Intelligence
May 16, 2019

Advancements for Internationalisation of Teacher Education Curriculum Day 3

On the third day of the Workshop the session was conducted byMsPoonam Singh and MsKomalAhuja from G D Goenka World School, Gurugram.In the series of these workshops, the topic for the third day was,Collaborative Meetings for Designing the Curriculum and Knowledge about Terminology and Jargons used in the IB Pedagogy’. The resource persons spoke about the various concepts related to the IB Education Curriculum.

Further, the resource persons focused on the Approaches to Learning as prescribed by the IB system. These include Trans-disciplinary skills of learning such as Thinking skills, Communication skills, Social skills, Research skills and Self Management skills.

The focus on Action was most essential as it emphasized on three components : Reflect, Choose and Act. Reflect means an ability to reflect on the local and global consequences of the action taken by the student. Act means how to make choices based on these local actions. Act means the ability to carry these actions through appropriate actions.

They further elaborated on the type of assessments,i.e, Formative and Summative,followed by the IB Education system.There[f1] [f2]  is no formal assessment in the form of pen- paper test in PYP system but could be in any of the following manners, such as, Poster making, Story board/ comic strip, ICT Kahoot quiz, Brochure,Poetry writing, Role play and Hanging mobiles All the above strategies are used to assess the understanding of their concepts.The session was very engaging and informative. All the faculty members of SoEd participated in the workshops and gave their inputs during discussions and presented their perspectives on various pedagogical aspects introduced during the workshops.


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