Arts in Education Guest Lecture Series

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May 10, 2019
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May 10, 2019

Arts in Education Guest Lecture Series

School of Education organized a series of guest lectures related to the Course TitleArts in Education ( EDU9506)which aims at developing aesthetic sensibilities and theabilility to  use art in teaching-learning. It enables student-teachers to integrate curricular and co-curricular activities for overall development of learners.

The First guest lecture, in this context was organised on 6th February, 2019 for the student- teachers of semester IV. The topic of the guest lecture was ‘Still life’ and Ms. Priyanka Jain, Assistant Professor, School of Fashion and Design (SoFD), G D Goenka University was the resource person.

The  objective of the guest lecture was to make student-teachers appreciate the importance of Still Life as a teaching aid and practise creation of some keeping in mind the purpose of its use in teaching-learning process and aesthetics. Ms. Priyanka introduced the topic by showing some examples of ‘picture compositions’, and how the idea came into existence.The lecture was followed by a hands-on picture composition session,where the student- teachers made an effort to compose a sample of still life by themselves as well.

The Second  lecture in the series was on ‘Performing Art’ which was organized on the4th of April, 2019. The resource person was Ms Mrinalini, Assistant Professor, School of Law. Being a trained classical dancer she explained to the students the importance of dance as a means of expression and communication. She emphasized on the importance of facial expression and body language which provides an opportunity to students to engage the mind, body and emotions into a collaborative expression.The resource person provided them an opportunity to use body language and facial expressions in a simulated teaching-learning situation which they did they did by selecting topics of their choice from secondary school level text books. The values of creativity, civilization and communication were further emphasized upon by the resourceperson.The students reflected their reflection in their diaries.

The Third lecture in the series  was organized  on the 5th of April, 2019 with Ms Priyanka Jain, Assistant Professor as resource person. Students got an opportunity to explore the use of water colours in their work. It was indeed a great learning experience as the student-teachers appreciated the aesthetics in arts.

The Fourth lecture was based on Origamy which is the art of paper folding. The lecture was organized on the 17th of April, 2019. In modern usage Origamy is used as an inclusive craft which is used for making teaching aids across various subjects and age brackets of secondary school level students. This helps in making economically viable teaching aids. This way students are encouraged to make best use of waste paper. Therefore such teaching aids are environment friendly too. Ms PriyankaJain  alsoprovided an opportunity to students to use role-play as a teaching- learning aid with the help of usage of masks.She highlighted on the importance of Masks which are special teaching aids  which can be used in teaching subjects such as Social sciences, Languages and also Sciences.  Student-teachers explored the relevance and importance of how expression can be used in teaching-learning situations through masks.

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