Diploma in Education (Montessori System)


Duration : 1 Year

Programme Code : 050001

The Programme Diploma in Education (Montessori System) is an innovative and scientific initiative in the area of teacher education with special reference to Montessori philosophy. The programme is aimed for individuals who are passionate about shaping life of young children adopting child- centered approaches. The programme develops all the essential skills in people who are aspiring to work in an educational setup that is based on the well-known philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Dr. Montessori’s method has been time tested, with over 100 years of success in diverse cultures across the world. It nurtures all the domains of human personality, such as, physical, social, emotional and cognitive using an integrated approach. The curriculum of Diploma in Education (Montessori System) programme is a seamless blend of the internationally acclaimed Montessori Method and Indian cultural values. The programme not only focuses on enhancing the knowledge about Montessori philosophy and the methodology of teaching - learning based on it but also caters to the requirement of ICT related skills in teachers.


  • To appreciate the contribution of Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy in Early Childhood Education.
  • To understand the process of growth and development during early childhood stage.
  • To develop essential skills, competencies and values needed for effective classroom functioning and management.


On completion of the Programme, the learners will be able to :

  • practice child centered teaching-learning methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori.
  • create opportunities for experiential learning to clarify the concepts.
  • use innovative techniques during teaching-learning process in accordance with the age level of the students and Montessori philosophy.
  • coordinate regularly with various stake holders of the school such as parents and Head of the school.


The programme is delivered through seminars, workshops, tutorials and lectures. Internship is an integral component of the curriculum. The focus is on essential skills and knowledge with a balance of practical and theoretical learning.


Philosophy of Education (Montessori System), Curriculum Development, Child Psychology and Child Development, Story Telling, Theatre and Puppetry, Music & Movement, Information and communication Technology in Montessori System, Personality Development, First Aid, Health and Yoga etc.


The career opportunities on completion of Diploma in Education (Montessori System) programme include teaching in Montessori Play Schools, Nursery Schools and other schools providing early childhood care and education. The students can also work as academic coordinators at pre-primary level, Nursery schools and Play Schools.


Minimum qualification : 10+2 from any recognized Board.

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