Dr. Mira Mishra

Assistant Professor
Curriculum Development. Science Education, Environmental Science & Educational Philosophy

Professional Biography

Mira Mishra expertise is in teaching pedagogy of science education, environmental education and educational philosophy. She is also adept at curriculum development and educational philosophy.  Prior to joining G D Goenka University, Mira taught in Pailan World School at A level and IGCSE level as an expert in environmental management.

Mira holds a PhD (Education) from Jamia Millia Islamia; M.Ed.  from Guru Gobind Singh University; B.Ed. from Regional Institute of Education (Bhubaneswar); NCERT;  M.Sc. (Environmental Science); and B.Sc. from Vidyasagar University. She has qualified UGC NET (Education) and certificate course in Action Research from NCERT.

Publications (form 2015)

Scholarly Journals
'Higher order thinking processes in classroom: A roadmap to qualitative success', International Journal of Economics, Commerce & Business Management. (Mishra, M., and Sharma, A., 2017). pp 278-281.

'TQM (Total Quality Management): A quality assurance approach to higher education', Transformation in Business Governance. (Mishra, M. and Joshi, S., 2017). pp. 285-289.

'A study of secondary science teachers perceptions of Science-Technology-Society (STS) approaches in science education at secondary level', Awadh International Journal of Information Technology and Education. (Mishra, M., 2015) pp. 31-39.

'Teaching strategies for fostering higher order cognitive skills: The need of the globalised era', International Journal Scholarly Research Journal for Humanity Science and English Language(Mishra, M., 2014). pp. 272-281.

Scholarly Conference Proceedings
'Educational Design Patterns: An emerging teaching methodology in higher education', In: Kaur, K. (Ed.), 3D Printing and Rapid Manufacturing and Sustainability in Design, Bloomsberry Publishing India   Ltd., Gurugram. (Mishra. M., 2-3February 2017), pp. 161-166.

'Constructivism and ICT: Implications for the fostering of higher order thinking skills (HOTS)' International Education Conference-2015 - Learning Technologies in Education, Faculty of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, (Mishra. M. and Ali, S., 24-25, February 2015).

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