Education Students Visited NCERT

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Education Students Visited NCERT

School of Education planned a visit to NCERT, New Delhi on 24th April, 2019, with the objective of enabling the students to know the role of ICT in education especially e-pathshala, SWAYAM, SWAYAM Prabha, NROER (National Repositioning of Open Education Resources ), Hands-on teacher training course and Kishore Manch. The purpose was also to visit the Educational Kits Division and appreciate low-cost effective teaching aids to teach the students.

Student-teachers visited the CIET, NCERT where Dr. Abhay Singh, Head PRD, CIET-NCERT and his team including Dr. Deepti Gupta & Dr. Yashpal apprised the students about the use of ICT in classrooms today. Dr. Singh spoke about the various advancements in educational technology. Dr. Yashpal spoke about Evaluation tools in Education. He laid emphasis on the use of cameras to provide virtual reality in classroom to make their teaching-learning process more effective.

Prof. Behera, Joint Director, CIET-NCERT apprised students about the NROER and encouraged students to enrol on the website so as to access the whole ocean of knowledge on their own. Mr. Promod, puppetry artist demonstrated the role of arts in education through his puppets. The students learnt through hands-on activity through live demonstration.

Prof. Wazalwar, Head, Division of Educational Kits showed the educational Kits that have been developed for ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education ), Primary classes, Secondary classes and Senior Secondary classes. These are related to Science, Mathematics, Languages and Social Sciences. These kits enable teachers to make their classroom interaction more effective and meaningful.

Students thanked the Dean, School of Education for having organized this visit as it added so much value to their knowledge and learning.

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