Field Visit to Suraj Kund International Fair

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February 5, 2019
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February 12, 2019

Field Visit to Suraj Kund International Fair

School of Education organized a field visit to SurajKund with the objectives of understanding the importance of art and culture for student-teachers.They would also understand the diverse skills of artisans from across the world. Student-teachers would also become aware of the visual and performing arts.The visit was organized keeping in mind the element of aesthetics which is an essential component of all projects and tasks undertaken by student-teachers.Appreciating the cottage industry and handicrafts was another essential objective of the visit.

The tasks assigned to the students were different and specific. Student-teachers from B Ed Sem IV were to focus on the handicrafts and their importance as a means of livelihood. This is in line with the Gandhian concept of valuing handicraft the most and also Sem IV students study a course called Working With Society where they are required to interact with society directly and understand their lives. These students spoke to artisans and interviewed them to get to know all about their craft.

B Ed Sem II student were told to focus at event management so as to understand how such large events are planned and organized. They were to understand resource management alongwith time management and financial management as all these are essential components of school management as well. Students spoke to artists and got insights to all these components during the visit.

Integrated B A/B Sc-B Ed Sem II students were asked to learn about cultural diversity with respect to folk dances, folk songs, indigenous cuisines, dresses, handicrafts from the various parts of the country and the world. Student-teachers appreciated the diversity of culture as India happens to be one of the most vibrant nations with so much diversity in each and every aspect.

Integrated B A/ B Sc-B Ed Sem IV students were asked to see and appreciate the various aspects of Thailand as it was the partner country this year. Student-teacher were directed to understand closely the Thai culture through its foods, dresses, folk songs and dances. They were also asked to make a note on Maharashtra as it happened to be the theme state this year.

Students appreciated all the various aspects of art and culture alongwith the artistic diversity prevalent in India. They felt enriched having learnt about the varied aspects of the International Fair and are looking to such events in the future as well.

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