Gender Equality : Balance For Better

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May 16, 2019
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June 18, 2019

Gender Equality : Balance For Better

School of Education organized a guest lecture on the topic Gender Equality : Balance For Better. Prof PoonamAgarwal, Dept. of Gender Studies, NCERT was the subject expert for the lecture. Prof Agarwal is a Post Doctorate from Germany and has over thirty years of experience at various universities in India and abroad. She has contributed actively to the NCERT in policy formulation and also has a large body of books and research papers to her credit. She has visited sixteen countries and happens to be an authority on gender studies.

The objective of the lecture was to discuss issues such as gender inequality, gender based discrimination and violence as ‘Gender, School and Society’ happens to be one of the core courses of the B Ed program. Prof. Agarwal spoke about the changing perception about gender stereotyping and the empowerment of woman today so that she may get a level playing field to prove herself. She further apprised about the legal provisions to the third gender as is ensured by the constitution of India. She reiterated the role of school teachers in removing gender disparity from society at a very early age as they are the ones who touch lives. She emphasized on the need of analytical thinking among student-teachers so that they become  aware of  the process of how policies are framed and become sensitive towards issues pertaining to gender. During the interactive session after the lecture Prof. Agarwal answered all the questions asked by students.

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