Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management (PGDEM) (Montessori System)

Programme Overview

Duration: 1 Year | Programme Code: 050101

The Programme Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management (Montessori System) is a premiere initiative in the Management of internationally acclaimed Montessori Method in an academic setting. The Programme aims at developing essential skills, competencies and values needed for effective school leadership and management. The programme focuses on having world class effective school leaders. PGDEM (MS) is unique, scientific and innovative child-centered educational and management programme based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Dr. Montessori’s method has been time tested, with over 100 years of success in diverse cultures across the world. It nurtures all the domains of human personality, such as, physical, social, emotional and cognitive making use of an integrated approach. PGDEM (MS) curriculum is a seamless blend of the internationally acclaimed Montessori Method and Indian cultural values.

Programme Educational Objectives:

  • To reflect on various theories, practices and researches of educational leadership and management.
  • To develop essential skills, competencies and values needed for leading and managing schools.
  • To analyze various political, social, cultural and economic factors influencing educational leadership and management.
  • To focus on optimal usage of potential and resources.
  • To churn out the inherent potentiality of the learner.

Programme Outcomes

On completion of the Programme, the graduates will be able to:

  • facilitate use of modern approaches to leadership and management of schools within, as well as outside India.
  • implement effective and meaningful strategies in managing and leading various types of primary and pre-primary educational institutions.
  • practice child centered teaching methodologies.
  • create opportunities to practice designing assessment procedures and instructional strategies.
  • create opportunities for experiential learning to clarify the concepts.
  • contribute actively towards relational trust within school and community.

Programme highlights

The programme is delivered through seminars, workshops, tutorials and lectures. Internship is an integral component of the curriculum. The focus is on essential skills and knowledge with a balance of practical and theoretical learning.

Major Areas Of The Programme

Philosophy of Education (Montessori System), Curriculum Development and Management, Child Psychology and Child Development, Story Telling, Theatre and Puppetry, Music & Movement, The World of Aesthetics, Organisation and Management in Montessori System, Child Rights, Planning and Management of Meal and Nutrition, First Aid, Personality Development, Grooming and Communication etc.

Career Avenues

The career opportunities for graduates of PGDEM (MS) programme include teaching in Montessori schools, Nursery schools, nursery and lower primary classes at formal schools, Anganwadis and Play Schools etc. The graduates can also work as administrators, school managers, headmistresses/headmasters, principals, academic coordinators, academic supervisors at pre-primary level, Nursery schools, Play Schools, Anganwadis and also as Montessori Skilled Trainers.

Entry Requirement

Graduation in any stream from a UGC recognized university. In addition, candidates will also have to appear for a personal interview.

Application Form