Report on School Internship Program-II

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May 10, 2019
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May 10, 2019

Report on School Internship Program-II

The School Internship Program (SIP) is the backbone of the Teacher Education Program. It is the most essential and crucial part of the program as student-teachersobserve and get to appreciate the intricacies of each and every process involved in the management of school records and registers. In continuation with the series of curricular process, student-teachers of Integrated B.A./ B.Sc.-B.Ed. Semester-VIwent to GD Goenka Signature School, Gurugram and Govt. Senior Secondary School, Badshahpur for their School Internship Programme II from the 4th of February, 2019. They visited government and private schools both so that they become aware of the working of both the types of schools.

During the internship student-teachers interacted with the school principals and other staff members and carried out the different tasks assigned to them.The main objectives of the program were:

  • to make student-teachers aware of all the logs and the various types of registers maintained in the school.
  • to make student-teachers aware of the principles involved intime-table construction.
  • to explore the difficulties faced by teachers in the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation method being followed in schools.

The students carried out all the tasks assigned to them according to the curriculum. They prepared a questionnaire for the school principals so as to find out the challenges faced by them in the current times.They explored the elements to be kept in mind while constructing a time-table.After discussion with class teachers the student-teachers were able to highlight the problems faced by these tecahers during Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation in schools. They were apprised about the Saksham Haryana Scheme by the Vice-Principal.Student-teachers observed how different activities of school are conducted such as the morning prayer and the mid-day meal scheme.They observed and were given an opportunity to participate in some activities of the school. It was a good learning experience for the students. They were asked to write their reflections in their reflective diaries.

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