Report on Science Exhibition

May 8, 2019
Report on Community Service Program at Abhaypur Village
May 10, 2019

Report on Science Exhibition

A science exhibition was held on the 3rd of April, 2019 wherein students showcased static and working models which can be used for learning various scientific concepts for children of the age group 13-18 years. The objective was not only to inculcate a scientific attitude and research-mindedness but also creating teaching aids. It involves students to participate in activities so as to understand the cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects of the task. Furthering this philosophy School of Education organized a science exhibition on the 3rd of April, 2019 where students showcased their talents on creativity and innovation. The Science Exhibition is held as part of the National Science Day celebration carried out at School of Education.

Student-teachers from the Science group across all the programmes of School of Education participated in this activity and made models which are used as teaching aids during their school internship programme later. They had chosen topics from NCERT Science books from Standard Six till Standard Twelve. A teaching aid is a very effective tool to make the classroom experience of the student very real and meaningful.

Students had made still models, working models, charts and posters to present their topics. Dr Priyanka Banerjee took the initiative of encouraging the students to put up such a wonderful and enlightening exhibition. The judgesappreciated the students. They asked students about the scientific concepts forming the foundation of the models. Students had prepared models like water holding capacity of soil, working of a wind mill, jet car was showcased along with the DC Motor based models. Charts based on evolution of humans and biodiversity were presented well. The water dispenser model was a very unique one. Students were encouraged to develop a scientific fervor and an attitude of research mindedness so that they develop the qualities of analytical and critical thinking.

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