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June 18, 2019
Orientation Programme 2019
August 28, 2019

Trip to Lohagarh Farms

School of Education organized  a field trip to Lohagarh Farms on the 15th of March. This trip was planned keeping in mind the courses like ‘Creating an Inclusive School’ and ‘Working with Society’ which expect the students to directly interact with the community.The transmission of culture and preservation of the rich cultural heritage is another essential component of the teacher education program. The students visited Lohagarh Farms as it is a place conceptualized and created on the ethnic theme. It is set in the Aravalis and has a rural flavor to it.

Student-teachers became a witness to rural activities such as dairy farming and traditional agricultural practices. They were very curious to know  how cooking was done on the indigenous ‘chulha’ which is eco-friendly and also the food cooked on it has more nutritive value compared to food cooked on modern gas stoves. It was the very first experience for some students. They also appreciated the value of fresh  flour which was being ground with the help of the traditional flour mill or ‘chakki’. Students tried their hand at pottery. This activity helped them  to get a glimpse at the difficult lives of the local artisans and how they use the art as their means of livelihood and survival. Students appreciated the rural life by interviewing the local people and got first hand information about  the challenges they faced in their day to day lives. Alongwith this the students very minutely observed and collected information about the management and safety issues that are taken care of while organizing events on such large scales.

Student-teachers felt enriched as all the experiences added to their learning and they appreciated the diverse  skillsused for creativity and aesthetics. They keenly observed the  wall  paintings as such a unique form of visual art alongwith the traditional dresses of Haryana. Students enjoyed the subtle savourof  the local cuisine and greatly appreciated it.

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