Welcome to the GD Goenka School of Engineering, where helping our students fulfil their aspirations and dreams is our top priority. It may sound idealistic but our main objective is to change the world through education. This is the philosophy that inspires our teaching and research. Engineers have the power to transform lives and have always played instrumental roles in the development and advancement of humankind. I consider it a privilege to lead this institution where curiosity, compassion, and intellect combine to produce leaders in various disciplines, who not only advance the knowledge of specific professions but who are also sensitive to protecting the environment and maintaining equity and the wealth of natural resources.

Our vision for School of Engineering is to establish it as an internationally recognizable preeminent centre for teaching, research and entrepreneurship. This could be achieved through high-quality academic programmes and research focused activities, excellence of its motivated faculty and the state-of-the-art facilities. At a time when the technology is changing at a dizzying pace, the age old traditional classroom teaching is not sufficient. At GD Goenka School of Engineering, classroom teaching is supplemented by various other activities for the holistic development of the students.

At the GD Goenka School of Engineering, students are introduced to Project Based Learning from the very start of their academic programme. Apart from the mandatory interdisciplinary projects, the students are encouraged to participate in initiatives such as ‘Research Saturday’ where the students can utilize their off-day for Research & Development activities. Working in interdisciplinary teams with the latest tools and technologies to solve real world problems help the students to acquire the skill-sets which are desirable in the industry. Having a low student-faculty ratio helps us in offering a personalized learning environment with great deal of flexibility and continuous mentoring. We have a team of dedicated scholars as members of faculty and experts from the industry as advisors who create an exciting and friendly environment for learning.

Our strong alliance to industry and leading research centers ensures that the curriculum delivered in classroom and laboratories is relevant and up to date. Collaborations with top Universities across the globe provide ample opportunities for our students to get the international exposure through exchange programs, summer schools and internships. Guest lectures by eminent professionals from industry and academia from India and abroad is a regular feature at GD Goenka School of Engineering. Workshops on specific skill-set are conducted to provide the hands-on training to the students.

Apart from these activities, there two major events of the School. SPEED (Student Project Exhibition on Engineering Design) is an annual inter-university project exhibition cum competition where your budding engineers from all over the country are provided a platform to showcase their innovative projects. Every year an international conference REDSET (Recent Developments in Science Engineering and Technology) is held where researchers from across the world present their cutting edge research work. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn and make professionals contacts. At GD Goenka School of Engineering, the students are also encouraged to convert their big idea into ‘startups’ from the campus itself. This shows our emphasis on providing the life skills, communication and critical thinking along with the technical skills. That is why GD Goenka School of Engineering has been ranked the ‘3rd top emerging private institutes in India.’

We at GD Goenka School of Engineering, are committed to producing world-class leaders, who can make a difference to the society. We administer a broad range of undergraduate programs leading to the bachelor’s degree in various engineering disciplines which gives you many options for pursuing studies with faculty who are experts in their respective areas of specialization. We don’t just make something happen, we make something better.

Whether you are a student, parent, or a curious individual, we invite you to visit our campus to witness the state-of-the-art facilities,and the work done by our students so far which highlights the excellent teaching-learning atmosphere available here. Although we are emerging, our enthusiasm knows no bounds, and our dedication to lead engineering education to new heights is indeed strong.

I am very excited about the future of GD Goenka School of Engineering, and I look forward to working with our students, faculty and alumni to lead our school to new heights. As one of the fastest growing engineering institution in the country, we look forward with a tremendous sense of optimism and anticipation to advance even further. Here at GD Goenka, we inspire dreams, ignite curiosity, motivate actions and define the promise of tomorrow. I am happy that you are considering GD Goenka University for your study, and I look forward to helping you take this exciting step in your education.

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