Bachelor of Science (Honors) [B.Sc. (Hons.)] (Chemistry)

Programme Overview

Duration: 3 Years | Programme Code: 020210

B. Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry programme endeavors to instill in students with a sound background in all aspects of chemistry, as well as comprehensive training in practical chemistry by fostering a creative spirit to help them fulfill their potential, to become creative chemist and to become successful in a wide range of professions where logical and analytical thinking is required to carry out independent projects.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • The graduates will become successful professionals by demonstrating logical and analytical thinking abilities.
  • The graduates will work and communicate effectively in inter-disciplinary environment, either independently or in a team, and demonstrate leadership qualities.
  • The graduates will engage in life-long learning and professional development through self-study, continuing education or professional and doctoral level studies.

Programme Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry programme, students will be able to:

  • Describe and apply the basic principles of chemistry and to carry out practical techniques important in chemical analysis.
  • Create and evaluate hypotheses, theories, methods and evidence within their proper contexts.
  • Solve complex problems by critical understanding, analysis and synthesis.
  • Demonstrate engagement with current research and developments in the subject.
  • Select, interpret and critically evaluate information from a range of sources that include books, scientific reports, journals, case studies and the internet.
  • Develop proficiency in the analysis of complex chemistry problems and the use of mathematical or other appropriate techniques to solve them.
  • Demonstrate skills in the use of computers for control, data acquisition, and data analysis in experimental investigations.
  • Provide a systematic understanding of core chemistry concepts, principles and theories along with their applications.
  • Function on multidisciplinary teams by working cooperatively, creatively and responsibly as a member of a team.
  • Communicate effectively by oral, written, computing and graphical means.
  • Recognize the need to engage in lifelong learning through continuing education and research.
Programme Highlights:

Distinctive academic curriculum, qualified and competent faculty members, transfer of knowledge through scholarly activities, inter-disciplinary project based learning, state-of-the-art laboratories, exceptional computing facilities, industry interaction, semester abroad opportunities.

Some of the major areas that will be covered:

Advance level courses in Chemistry and general courses in Mathematics / Physics / Computer Science.

Career Avenues:

Career opportunities exist in teaching in schools & colleges (after M.Sc.) where any of the science subjects is an important discipline, Indian Administrative Services and other state and central Govt. Services where knowledge of science subjects is an advantage, careers in organizations/industries where a high level of competence and dependence on Chemistry is demanded.

Career Avenues:

Entry Requirements: 10+ 2 from CBSE or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects. In addition candidates will also have to appear in GATA (Goenkan Aptitude Test for Admission) and appear for a Personal Interview.