Dr. Rashmi Priya

Associate Professor

Specialization : Computer Science Engineering

Professional Biography

Rashmi Priya is an expert in the area of computer science with a background in computer science and mathematics. She has taught design and analysis of algorithm, operating system, software engineering,  e-commerce, numerical methods, graph theory, discrete mathematics, data warehousing and object oriented database management systems for more than eight years at universities/engineering colleges across India  such as Ansal Institute of Technology, Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Gujarat University and ​GD Goenka University.

Rashmi Priya holds a PhD in Computer Applications ​from the​ Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad; Master in Computer Applications from West Bengal University of Technology; and BSc Mathematics Honours ​ from​ ​the ​University of North Bengal.

Publications (from 2015)

Scholarly Journals
‘The estimation of risk on cloud computing framework’, International Journal of Innovative Science Modern Engineering, 6(4), pp. 5-10  (Priya, R., 2020).

‘Human feelings identification using facial gesture’, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 8(5).  (Jindal, A. and Priya, R., 2020).

‘Landmark points detection in case of human facial tracking and detection’, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, 9(2). (Jindal, A. and  Priya, R., 2019).

‘Motivation to a deadlock detection in mobile agents with pseudo-code’, Springer Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems, Volume 1, pp.111-119. (Priya, R. and Belwal ,2017).

‘A survey of new application development and resource allocation paradigm by mobile agents’ Global Journal for Research Analysis, (Priya, R. and Belwal, 2016).

‘A deadlock detection technique using multi agent environment’, Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development, 1, (Priya, R., Belwal, 2016), pp. 335-344.

‘An analysis of resolution of deadlock in mobile agent system through different techniques’ Springer Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 1 (Priya, R., Belwal, 2016), pp. 167-175.

 Scholarly Conference Proceedings
An approach for modelling and analysis of mobile agent-based software systems using UML state charts’, 4th International Conference organized by College of Computing Sciences and Information Technology, Teerthanker Mahaveer University (Priya, R., Belwal,2015).

 ‘A study of computational resource allocation for mobile agent system’, International Conference on Advanced Computing organized by College of Computing Sciences and Information Technology, Journal of Information Science and Engineering (Priya, R., Belwal, 2015).


Rashmi Priya’s research interests are focused in the areas of distributed computing and security in cloud computing, which she shares with other members of the School of Engineering. She is currently guiding three research scholars.

Contribution to Profession and ​​Awards

Reviewed papers for various international conferences

Chaired technical sessions at international conferences