GD Goenka School of Engineering Organizes Winter School Program for School students.

Two day National Workshop on “HumanoidWalking Robot Development”
December 2, 2019
Commencement of Even Semester, 2019-20
June 24, 2020

GD Goenka School of Engineering Organizes Winter School Program for School students.

GD Goenka School of Engineering organized a one week winter school program from 6-10th January, 2020 on “Internet of Things, Building Humanoid Robot and Python Programming”

The inaugural session commenced with the welcome address by Prof. (Dr.) Usha Batra, Assistant Dean, SoE. She highlighted the unique teaching methodology followed by the schools of the University. The address was followed by playing of the video series detailing the various schools under the university.

The technical sessions were conducted by Ms. Ashu Gautam, Dr. Deepa Bhardwaj, Ms. Manisha Saini and Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy. During IoT session, Ms. Ashu Gautam briefed students with applications of IoT and its future, followed by discussion on Arduino, sensors, actuators and their usage in the real world such as moisture sensor in agriculture etc. Hands on session was conducted by Dr. Deepa Bhardwaj on embedded system and Arduiono. Ms. Manisha, Ms. Neha Kapoor and Mr. Nihar Ranjan Roy took various interactive sessions on Python Programming by involving fun games to solve logical problems. The applications of python in the various fields like images, videos, web cams etc was introduced and also included a hands-on session.  On the final day robot making session was conducted followed by vote of thanks and certificate distribution ceremony. Apart from the technical sessions students explored the  university library, fitness zone, swimming pool and other amazing infrastructure of GD Goenka University including amphitheatre, football court etc. They were amazed to see the larger than life gymnasium areas.

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