IT Infrastructure Landscaping, Virtualization and Cloud Computing expert from IBM trains GD Goenka School of Engineering faculty members

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July 28, 2016
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August 6, 2016

Mr. T. S. Senthil Kumar, from IBM’s global training partners, trained faculty members of GD Goenka School of Engineering for six days (28th July-4th August,2016) on “IT Infrastructure landscaping“and“Virtualization and Cloud Computing”. This training program was a part of the GD Goenka University-IBM academic collaboration for the specialized B. Tech(CSE) programs being offered at GD Goenka University.These are part of the two courses that the students who have opted for the IBM specialised B. Tech (CSE) program with specialization in Cloud Computing and Virtualization will study in the coming semester.

Mr. Senthil has over two decades of experience as corporate trainer and consultant in operating systems, Cloud Computing & Virtualization, storage technology & IT infrastructure in particular. Since last few years he is a well-known resource person in cloud computing and virtualization. Along with Mr. Senthil, Mr. Viqarruddin Surki from IBM, STG, Bangalore and Mr. Abhijit Dutta, CRM, Skill Gaps Solutions Pvt. Ltd. were present during the training.

The broad topics that Mr. Senthil covered during this training program were;RAID, LDAP, Cluster Deployment, Fundamentals of Virtualizations, Need for Virtualization, Types of Virtualizations, Desktop Virtualization, Storage Virtualisation, Network and Application Virtualization, Fundamentals of Cloud Computing, Types of Cloud, Cloud Implementation, Deployment and Delivery models. During this training he helped faculty members create VPN, VLAN & ESXi server. These training sessions concluded the IBM T3 (Train the Teacher) program for this semester. The teachers having learnt the required skills will impart this knowledge to the students who have opted for B. Tech. (CSE) with IBM specializations.

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