Assistant Professor

Specialization : CIVIL ENGINEERING

Professional Biography

Jasira Bashir is an expert in the area of construction planning and project management. She has taught these subjects for nearly three years at institutions such as Dronacharya College of Engineering and GD Goenka University.

Jasira Bashir holds a M.E (Construction Technology and Management) from Chandigarh University and B.Tech (Civil Engineering) from Punjab Technical University.

Publications (from 2015)

Scholarly Journals
‘Experimental inquest for improving the fire resistance of concrete by the addition of polypropylene fibers’, International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, 8(8), pp.129 -139. (Bashir, J., and Singh, K., 2017).

‘Bio Concrete- The self-healing concrete’, Indian journal of Science and Technology, 9(47), pp. 1-5. (Bashir, J., and Kathwari, I., 2016).

Scholarly Conference Proceedings
‘A thorough analysis on air quality in Delhi region of India using a network of low cost monitoring devices’, International Conference on Sustainable Cities and Communities 2020, GD Goenka University, Gurgaon. (​Ashraf, F.,​ and Bashir, J., 7-8 February 2020​).

Current Research 

Jasira’s research is in the area of construction technology and management, safety management and pollution monitoring.