Node.js LIVE: Workshop on API Development

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Node.js LIVE: Workshop on API Development

Date :  October 9, 2019

Time:  11:20AM-1:00PM

Venue: Lab B-120, GD Goenka University

Speaker: Swarup Ghosh, Student, GD Goenka University

The workshop was conducted at the university by the students’ led Coders Club under the Computer Science and Engineering Department, SoE, with the aim to help students learn about the different  the concepts in developing an Application Programmers Interface (APIs) using asynchronous programming on the Node.js platform.

The orator started the workshop telling us about community, how APIs are used to communicate across different software services through programmatic means. Asynchronous programming and its efficiency for large scale modern systems were also explained. Efforts were made by the speaker to tell us how Node.js framework and JavaScript in general is being used to power high performant web servers. Core concepts in Node.js like events, callbacks, etc. were initially discussed. The workshop was aimed at providing students with hand-on experience which was made possible by allowing participants to write their very own API from scratch without use of any frameworks/packages and in-built libraries in Node.js. By the end of the workshop, students were able to create a sample REST API of their own using custom callbacks which could communicate over HTTP with the application of their choice.

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