Prof. Brajendra Panda, university of Arkansas, USA, joins GD Goenka University as visiting professor for the fall semester

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GD Goenka University has an active collaboration with University of Arkansas USA. This arrangement has opened pathways to various possibilities of student/faculty exchange, summer school/internships, joint courses and research projects and many more. Students from GD Goenka School of Engineering have been doing internships at University of Arkansas as Research Engineering Undergraduates during summers.For the upcoming session, we have Prof. Brajendra Panda from Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering as a visiting faculty in the Department of Compter Science and Engineering, GD Goenka University, for the entire semester. He will not only teach undergraduate and post graduate students of computer engineering but also share his rich research experience with the students and faculty members.

Prof. Panda has his roots in eastern state of India called Orissa. He obtained his M.S. in Mathematics from Ravenshaw College, Odisha and Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science from North Dakota State University, USA.Prof. Panda has more than two decades of experience at the global academic arena. He posseses research expertise in the area of Computer Security, Database Management Systems and Management & Security of Big Data. Due to his excellent research contribution, he has been awarded twice with Outstanding Researcher Award, CSCE Department, University of Arkansas, for the academic year 2002-2003 & 2008-2009.

Apart from his research work, Prof. Panda has taught several courses in different programs.His association with the students of GD Goenka University is not new. Last year when two of our engineering students went to the University of Arkansas, USA, Prof. Panda was the mentor under whom, one of our students worked on the topic “Graph Databases”& “Database Security”.

Prof. Panda is a very humble person who loves to help the needy people. He believes in the principle of “Think and Thank” and that whatever he has isgift of God. During his leisure period he reads spiritual scriptures. He is quite fond of acting and directing drama. Some of his acted videos are also available on YouTube. He advises his students and friends not to get carried away by success, as this journey is unending.

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