School of Engineering wins BEST SCHOOL AWARD at GDGU INTRA MUN 2020

GD Goenka School of Engineering becomes Nodal Center for Virtual Labs, IIT Delhi
June 24, 2020

School of Engineering wins BEST SCHOOL AWARD at GDGU INTRA MUN 2020

On 12th February 2020, the members of the MUN Club of GD Goenka University, conducted their very first edition of MUN in college campus, open specifically for students of our university.The President (Adarsh Kumar Singh) , Co -Vice President (Arjun Arora) and the other Co- Vice President(Pranjal Srivastava), had been planning for the same for quite a long time, since they entered college last year.

The very 1st edition, had one committee UNGA-DISEC, where they discussed the Agenda – Countering terrorist networks in conflicted zones. There were more than 45 participants on the day of the event.  The MUN was an interactive one, making children learn about the concept of United Nations, Model United Nations and why is there a need for an organisation like the UN to exist. Students seemed to give full attention, to the many topics discussed, such as real meaning of debating, and who is a good debater? Guest Delegates and esteemes executive board members were called from outside, to give all of the participants a full fledge experience.

Each and every student who participated received medals as a token of appreciation for participating in the said event. School of Engineering received The Best School Award amongst all the schools that participated in the university.

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