Training conducted by GD Goenka faculty member on ‘Python’ at Central University, Haryana

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February 6, 2017
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February 22, 2017

A 6 hour workshop titled “Python-Beginner level” was conducted on 4th February 2017 by Dr. Sandeep Nagar (Faculty-in-Charge, EEE, GD GoenkaSchool of Engineering) at Central University Haryana in Mohindergarh. This workshop was attended by 40 highly enthusiastic students of MCA course at the University. It was coordinated by Faculty-in-Charge, Ms. Neha Yadav (Assistant Professor) from the Central University.

The workshop gave a hands-on experience on Python2 to students. Since its inception, Python has been found to be an excellent tool for all areas of science and technology. Hence Python has now become a critical component of computer science syllabus. MCA students who attended the workshop have Python as one of the subjects in their curriculum. For this reason they were very enthusiastic about the workshop.

A hands-on experience has always been found to be a better experience than a theoretical lecture. So the workshop was modelled to be a hands-on experience where students ran Jupyter notebooks loaded with teaching material. After a brief history of Python, students started coding in Python and learnt all the basics of Python programming such as declaring and using variables, using iterators and finally defining functions. Sample programs made concepts clear to students. After the workshop, students felt confident to undertake both their course as well as a project in Python programming language to hone their skills. The importance of Python in the job market was also highlighted during the workshop.

The workshop ended with happy faces and satisfied participants who wished to know more about this new language.

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