Two day National Workshop on “HumanoidWalking Robot Development”

Redset 2019
December 2, 2019
GD Goenka School of Engineering Organizes Winter School Program for School students.
June 24, 2020

Two day National Workshop on “HumanoidWalking Robot Development”

GD Goenka School of Engineerng organized a two day national workshop on “Humanoid Walking Robot Development” on 15-16th November, 2019. Around 45 students and faculty members from difference colleges and Universities from Delhi-NCR and outside participated in this workshop.

Mr.Aniruddha Mistry, senior trainer Edxlabs was the resource person for this workshop. Mr. Mistry during this workshop focussed on enlightening attendees about basics of Robotics and its real world appication. First day of the workshop was focused on applications and theoretical foundations where as second day covered pure practical sessions where attendees were given Robotics Kit for making a moving/walking robot from components. Arduino Nano Microcontroller were used and the development environment to push code in the Nano Board for developing the basic functionality of a robot. Students could finally develop the targeted robots by following the instructions given by Mr.Aniruddha. He was patient with attendees’ queries while the robot was under development. He explained the importance of each step in the workshop.

Attendees were provided with Post Workshop Study Resources/source code to get started for their first project along with contact details of facilitator for further communication on journey to learning.

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