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Welcome to the School of Humanities & Social Science

The humanities and social science constitute a whole universe of intellectual domains, spanning the entire range of knowledge pertinent to human relationships, our history and prospects for the future. The School of Humanities and Social Science has been established with an aim to empower the learners to systematically understand and reflect on social, political, cultural and economic structures and processes. The school is committed to provide an interdisciplinary and integrative pedagogical interface to learners so as to nurture them into complete and competent human beings.

Message from Dean Dr. Anjali Midha.

Welcome to the School of Humanities & Social Sciences. Congratulations on joining GD Goenka University, and I extend best wishes to you all on behalf of the entire SOHSS community.

Choose the Best Arts College in Delhi NCR

Whether you’re looking for the top BA Colleges in Delhi or are on your way to take admission to the best Political Science College in Delhi, there is something to be said for Arts courses. From Languages to Sociology, Psychology to Economics, English Literature, Travel and tourism, and Political Science, among others; a good College of Arts can offer you many vistas. These days, degrees in Art courses are in high demand as it works as the stepping stone for a graduate to build their career in an industry of their choice. You can easily find work in many fields, including advertising, marketing, designing, fashion, photography, education, and many more.

When you pursue courses in art, you are able to gain a better understanding of human nature, culture, and creative expression. The various courses that are offered under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences offer students a lucrative career path and a flexibility to transition to professionally fulfilling and financially rewarding roles.

GD Goenka University: Counted among the Best MA Colleges in Delhi NCR

While there’s no harm in keeping a tab and being inclined towards the best Psychology or Economics College in Delhi NCR, look for one that offers you all round development and growth. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at GD Goenka offers several undergraduate courses in fields like English, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Travel & Tourism among others, as well as a Post Graduate Programme in Psychology. The Faculty at GD Goenka University is well-known for helping students develop and apply novel theoretical perspectives to even the most pressing issues of today. As one of the top Universities in Arts, GD Goenka provides students with liberal education, helping them imbibe a refinement in reasoning, excellence in communication, openness to new ideas, as well as a commitment to democratic values and ethical behaviour.



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