Dr. Abdul Qaiyum

Assistant Professor

Professional Biography

Abdul Qaiyum is an expert in the area of Sociology of development, social mobility and rural transformation with a background in sociological theory.

Prior to taking up the current role in 2018, Abdul Qaiyum served in a research based position as the senior researcher at Centre for Equity Studies, New Delhi.

Abdul Qaiyum holds a PhD from the Jawaharlal Nehru University; M.Phil (Sociology) from​ ​the Jawaharlal Nehru University​; M.A. (Sociology) from the University of Calcutta; and ​ BA (Hons.) ​(Sociology) from the University of Calcutta.​

Publications (from 2015)

Scholarly Journals
‘Education and social change: Role of a school in the transformation of a village’, International Journal of Applied Research, 3(6), pp. 1095-1100. (Qaiyum, A. , 2017).

Scholarly Conference Proceedings
‘Education and social mobility: Reflections from fieldwork’, Bengali Muslims at Crossroads, Bengali Academia for Social Equality and Aliah University, Kolkata, India. (Qaiyum, A., 2019).

Current Research

Abdul Qaiyum’s current research interests are focused on exploring the ideas of social mobility among the upper class Muslims residing in urban areas. He has also taken a keen interest on the correlation between work participation rate among Muslim women and the chances of upward social mobility of their respective families.

Consultancies and Projects (from 2015)

December, 2019-Present
Navjyoti India Foundation in collaboration with GD Goenka University (India)Impact Assessment Study of the Unnati Project. (Tiwary, A., Qaiyum, A., Varghese, P., Menon, M., and Katyal, S).

Vikramshila Educational Resource Society (India) ‘Emergence of Madrasas as Secular Educational Institutions: a study of Non-Muslim Students in Government Madrasas- a Report’. (Qaiyum, A. and Majumder, B.D., 2017).

Vikramshila Educational Resource Society (India) ‘Quality Education to Quality Employment: A Study of Educational Expectations among Students in Government Schools- a Report’. (Qaiyum, A. and Dutta-Choudhury, S, 2015).