Dr. Philip Varghese

Assistant Professor
Political Science


Professional Biography

Philip Varghese is an expert in political thought (Western and Indian) and theory, comparative politics and governments, public administration and public policy and Indian constitution. His areas of interest are development studies, local self-governance, study of socio-political and cultural implications of tourism and public policy.

Prior to taking up the current role in 2018, Philip was the Programme In-Charge for Governance, Law and Tourism division at EQUATIONS, Bangalore. He completed several research assignments for national campaigns on Dalit human rights (NCDHR) and Centre for Development and Human Rights (CDHR).

Philip holds PhD and M.Phil degrees from the ​Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University; MA (Political Science) from Madras Christian College, Chennai; and ​ BA (Integrated Programme – Economics and Political Science) from St. Stephen’s College (New Delhi).​

Publications​ (from 2015)

Scholarly Journals
‘Sustainable development: How responsible is responsible tourism in Kerala’, Journal of Innovation Management Practices in Business, Banking, Economics, Public Administration, Marketing and Tourism, 2(6), pp. 612-616. (Varghese, P., 2015).

Current Research

Philip’s current research interest is on the ‘Kerala Model of Development’ and the contentions and contradictions therein in this rapidly changing neo-liberal world order. He delivered a guest lecture on the same at St. Albert’s College, Ernakulam, Kerala in July 2019.

Consultancies (from 2015)

Consultant to Prof. Narendra Kumar’s UGC project – ‘Politics of Governance’ which looked at the working of mid-day meal scheme and MNREGA in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, 2015.

Contribution to Profession and Awards (from 2015)

Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) Doctoral Fellowship Recipient, 2015.

UPE Field Work Grant – II Project (Office of Rector– JNU, New Delhi, 2016).

Swedish Government’s Scholarship to attend Social Work and Social Development Conference, Stockholm, 2012.

‘Corley Merit Scholarship’ in Madras Christian College, Chennai, 2007-08.