Dr. Rimple Manchanda

Assistant Professor

Professional Biography

Rimple Manchanda is an expert in the area of macroeconomic theory, Indian economy, money, banking and financial markets. She has taught these subjects for nearly 10 years at different universities and institutions in India.

Prior to taking up the current role in 2017, Rimple Manchanda served in academic positions such as Programme Chair (Economics - School of Humanities and Social Sciences), Galgotias University and as Assistant professor at Amity University.

Rimple Manchanda holds a PhD from the​ JIIT University, Noida, MA (Economics)​ from​ ​the Panjab ​University (Chandigarh), and ​ BA (Hons), ​(Economics) from the Panjab University, Chandigarh.​

Publications (from 2015)

Scholarly Journals 
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Scholarly Conference Proceedings
‘Analyzing consumer well-being with reference to materialism and money Attitude’, XII International Conference on ‘Leveraging Big Data Analytics for Global Business Excellence’, Jagannath International Management School (Manchanda, R., 4 February 2017).


​Rimple Manchanda’s research interests are in consumer well-being, materialism, money attitude, compulsive buying which she shares with other members of the Consumer Behaviour Group. She has research collaborations with faculty from Florida State University, Florida and Auburn University, Alabama.

Contribution to Profession and ​​Awards (from 2015)

Member Review Board, Journal of Consumer Affairs {Publisher - Wiley-Blackwell}.

Member Review Board, Psychology & Marketing (Publisher – Wiley}.

Member Review Board, Young Consumers (Publisher - Emerald Group Publishing Ltd}.

Member Review Board, Review of Journal Psychology (Publisher - American Psychological Association}.

Member Review Board, Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy {Publisher - Corvinus University of Budapest}.