Dr. Varun Bakshi

Assistant Professor

Professional Biography

Varoon Bakshi specialises in language policy and planning and, sociolinguistics. He also has a deep interest in literary theory, narratology, English grammar and academic writing. He has taught both literature and linguistics based subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students for the past four years at various universities in India.

Varoon Bakshi holds a PhD in English from the English and Foreign Languages University (India); MA (English) from the English and Foreign Languages University (India) and BA (Hons) English from Goldsmiths College, University of London (United Kingdom).

Publications (from 2015)

Scholarly Journals
‘Language policy and planning: A critical analysis’, The International Journal of English and Literature, 5(2), pp. 45-52.(Bakshi. V, 2015).

‘A review of the ethical problems faced by researchers while carrying out social science research’, Research Directions5(11), pp. 1-7. (Mishra. S., and Bakshi. V., 2018).

‘Metaphorical inflation of satire in order to raise the level of moral concern in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and A Modest Proposal’, International Journal of Academic Research and Development3(2), pp. 1659-1660. (Mishra. S., and Bakshi. V., 2018).

‘Reversal of social order in festivities in As You Like It’, International Journal of Research in Social Sciences, 8(5), pp. 142-145. (Mishra. S., and Bakshi. V., 2018).

Research Monographs, Books and Book Chapters
‘The emergence and growth of Colonial Language Policy and its clash with the Linguistic Agenda of the National Movement’, In: Mishra, S. and Sridhar, M. (Ed.), Language Policy and Education in India: Documents, Contexts and Debates, Routledge Taylor and Francis, New York, U.S.A. (Bakshi, V., 2017).

Current Research

Varoon’s research interests are focused on language policy and planning in Colonial India, narrative theory, English grammar and sociolinguistics.