Ms. Aadya Prasad

Assistant Professor
English Studies

Professional Biography

Aadya Prasad’s forte in the area of literary theory and postmodernism. She has taught courses on gender studies, cultural studies, women’s writing, translation studies, Afro-American literature, literary theory, criticism and children’s studies.​

Prior to joining GD Goenka University, Aadya worked with two other private universities in Gurgaon. She has worked with the Indian Research Academy as a research consultant and in an advertising firm as a communication consultant.

Aadya completed her Masters in English Literature from Shiv Nadar University; a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resources from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and a Bachelor’s in English Literature from Delhi University. She’s presently working on her PhD.

Publications​ (from 2015)

Scholarly Journal Publications
 ‘The language animal – A comparative study of two novels in regard to language and animality’, International Journal of English Language, Literature and Translation Studies, 5(1), pp 60-66. (Prasad. A, 2018).

Scholarly Conference Proceedings
Presented in an international conference at the University of Manchester, UK in September 2019.

Presented in an international conference at IIT Patna, India in February 2020.

Current Research

Aadya Prasad’s current research interests include women studies, body-politics, postmodernism, women’s writing, children's literature, literary theory, environmental humanities, and human-animal studies.

Consultancies (from 2015)

Aadya has worked in a team on an international project with Duke University, China: ‘Finding safer spaces for women to exercise in Greater Noida, India’, (2014-2015).