Mr. Shreyas Vyas

Assistant Professor
Corporate Law & Commercial Laws

Professional Biography

Shreyas Vyas is an expert in business laws with a background in civil laws. He has taught these subjects for nearly 3.5 years at various universities such as Hidayatullah National Law University and  ​G D Goenka University.

Prior to taking up the current role in 2017, Shreyas was an Assistant Professor (Ad-Hoc) in Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur.

Shreyas is pursuing his PhD in corporate law from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur. He completed the LL.M (Corporate Law) ​from​  Hidayatullah National Law University​, Raipur and ​ BA.LLB (Hons) (Constitution Law) from Nirma University.​

Publications (from 2015)

Scholarly Journals
‘Application of Gandhian philosophy In Indian Companies Act 2013’, Think India Journal, 22(14). (Vyas, S., 2019).

‘Methods of IPR valuation in merger and acquisition in India’, Our Heritage, 67(2), (Vyas, S., and Upadhyay, A., 2019).

Scholarly Conference Proceedings
‘Critical analysis of e-contract law in India’, National Conference on Digitization & Innovation, Indira School of Business Studies, Pune.

‘Game theory as tool to detect anti-competition practices’, University Institute of Legal Studies ,Chandigarh University, February 2017. (presentation).

Current Research

Shreyas Vyas’s research interests are focused on alternate dispute resolution laws and recent business laws such as insolvency and digital laws.

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