Activity On Working Capital Management

Stress Buster Game for Enhancing Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Technical Skills
March 24, 2017
Activity on Internal Control & Auditing
March 27, 2017

An in-class activity was organised on 22nd March 2017 for first year students on Working Capital Management to make clear its implications in practical scenarios. In this activity, various groups were formed of six students each who played the role of manufacturer, distributor, banker and 3 individual suppliers in each group. They were given some specific situation regarding a small manufacturing unit producing woollen hats, mittens and gloves. The students were asked to deal with each other seeking long term relations and solved the problems by managing adequate working capital for their firms. The students tactfully applied the logics of working capital concept and sources, which were taught to them in the class by Dr. Esha Jain.

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