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January 8, 2015
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What is an Internship?

Internship is an opportunity available for students during the duration of their academic course to undergo on the job training with prospective recruiters and is now a mandatory requirement as per the guidelines of various Universities. However it does not assure a job offer at the end of its term, but it can certainly open doors for deserving students who take their stint with the company seriously and deliver to the best of their potential.

It is an excellent opportunity to learn about the future role, the industry and the organization. It gives the intern a snapshot of what the corporate role would be like and gives you an inside peek of the industry you are about to step in. All in all, it is a great transition from student life into a corporate life.

Internships may be paid or unpaid and this subject has always been debated. However, if we look at the larger picture beyond the financial reward, it is a great way to get noticed and create a customized opportunity for future.

Why Internship is a Good Idea for Students?

Every student should aim for at least one internship, if not more, to get over the dilemma of “how-do-i-get-experience-if-i-have-no-real-work-experience”.Besides the real work experience that internships provide, it also gives you an edge over others who haven’t interned. Internship experience is similar to a courtship experience, with no strings attached, literally. During internship, you could discover that your chosen field was not as attractive as it sounded and you are not cut out for it , it helps you test various career paths before finally deciding on the “chosen-one”.

While classroom training is inevitable, internships provide a great opportunity to apply the concepts learnt in theory and help identify certain gaps and thus increase your quest to fill those gaps.

During internships, you get a chance to hone your soft skills, learn to conduct yourself in a professional atmosphere, get more disciplined, and develop your network of contacts that can be used as references for future job hunting exercise.

Besides, internship experience will make you smarter, more competitive, in your final job hunt process.

On a lighter note, free coffees and occasional free lunches is another incentive.

Why Internships is a Good Idea for Recruiters?

Finding the best fit for a role can be quite a challenge for the HR team of any organization. Internships can be a good platform to check the potential of a prospective employee, without making a huge investment. Performance based offers are then made to promising interns who can then return to the organization after completing their course. It is thus a cost effective way to fill up suitable vacancies in the organization.

Also, once the candidate has been taken onboard, the company needs to incur lesser cost training the employee as he has spent considerable time in the organization during the internship.

Interns fresh from the college are brimming with novel ideas, fresh perspectives to look at various business situations and their enthusiasm is unmatched. Hence internships provide a great launchpad to kickstart various projects with innovative and young ideas.

Internships are also a great tool for startup companies to find young talent through inexpensive campus drives and help them get noticed by the student community. It can help them spread awareness about themselves on various social media platforms by getting the students to like and comment on their page.

Internships are thus a win-win strategy for both the candidate and the company and has great takeaways for both parties.

Blog Writer: Ms. Ritu Sharma, Manager-CRC

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