BBA Students visit the National Stock Exchange

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October 19, 2015
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October 28, 2015

BBA (Semester III) students from GDGU visited NSE (the National Stock Exchange), New Delhi on 19th October 2015. The session conducted by Ms. Nivya Nair, Assistant Manager; National Stock Exchange included a briefing on common terminologies used in respect to stock trading such as Financial derivatives, Risk management and Surveillance efficiency, clearing and settlements. It was well presented and allowed the students to gain thorough knowledge of the operations that take place at one of the biggest stock exchanges of the world in a basic comprehensive manner.

The details of the session are stated below:-

  1. History and evolution of stock trading and emergence of NSE
  2. Facts regarding NSE
  3. Trading system and Technology of NSE (NEAT)
  4. Nine Subsidiaries of NSE and the roles played by each
  5. Online trading system: Ms Nair showed the online trading screen of NEAT (NSE) and how trade is carried out in an order driven system. The concept of “buying price” and “selling price” in the order driven system was explained.
  6. Online training courses of NSE
  7. Fintalent module of NSE

Faculty Coordinators were: Ms.Urvashi Sarup and Dr. Nitin Gupta

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