Career Pathways – BBA

What kinds of positions are held by those who have a undergraduate degree in Business Administration?

  1. Customer service associate are all about serving the customer. Whether it’s listening to a customer’s questions or concerns, placing orders, providing information about products and services or recording details of customer contact information, these business professionals make sure customers and clients are seen to.

  2. Sales associate can be found in a wide range of industries—if there’s a product or service, businesses need someone to help sell it. They offer expertise on merchandise, answer customer questions and process transactions. Many of these positions have the incentives which are target based increasing the possibility of higher remuneration.

  3. Administrative assistant typically answer phone calls, schedule meetings, update database information, prepare invoices and manage incoming and outgoing mail. These employees must be organized and detail-oriented, as they are responsible for tasks that keep businesses running smoothly.

  4. Relationship banker handles a client’s entire relationship with a bank. From loans and personal accounts to trust funds and investments, these bankers have knowledge about wide range of products and services a bank offers. By answering clients’ questions and helping them make the right decision for their finances, they can ensure an enduring relationship with the bank. They are the central point of contact for clients, and they often work with businesses to help manage more complex needs.

  5. Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks focus on monitoring and maintaining a company’s financial records. Duties typically include coding documents according to procedure, recording and summarizing numerical data on behalf of the company and reconciling any financial discrepancies found while complying with regulatory requirements and company policies.

  6. Business analysts spend their work days gathering data concerning problems or procedures within a company. These are based on interviews conducted with employees, on-site observation and close study of company documents.  They then analyze the collected information to generate possible solutions or alterations in procedure.

  7. Financial analysts conduct qualitative analyses concerning a company’s finances and investments. They compose charts, graphs and spreadsheets; forecasting business, industry and economic conditions through analysis of financial information. They also determine the prices at which a company should offer its product to the public market and prepare investment plans that capitalize on their financial analysis.

  8. Marketing and Advertising associates are well suited for those with a bit of creative flair. Business graduates can use the analysis and report-writing skills honed during their degree in order to conduct market research, develop marketing strategies, manage client relationships, liaise with copywriters, designers and printers, analyze markets and evaluate campaign results. They will likely be working alongside specialists such as designers, video producers and copywriters, and will need to continually broaden their skillsets to keep pace with changes in technology and market trends.

  9. Human Resource associates require both business acumen and highly honed interpersonal skills. Recruitment, training and pay are all areas handled by the HR department. Great communication skills are essential, in addition to a good basic understanding of business operations and management as well as detailed and up-to-date knowledge of employment laws and company regulations.

  10. Retail associate assist in variety of tasks that make a store work. These range from behind the scenes functions (such as buying, inventory, and merchandising) to the sales floor (such as sales and customer service). Some common tasks you can expect to perform during your retail management career include overseeing vendors and the buying process, managing inventory, creating and maintaining store displays, analysing market trends and researching competitors.
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